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Short summary: BTTC is a mod based in the 4th era of Tamriel after the dragonborn has defeated Alduin, yet the civil war of Skyrim still rages on and the Aldmeri Dominion keeps doing their thing, treating the empire like a puppet. This time however, Yokuda has joined the feud.
The goal is a single player experience, with hopes of making a multiplayer mode after the full release of the mod.

"The Emperor has had us under his crumbling empire for too long
being nothing more than a puppet to the thalmor.

The Aldmeri dominion poses a bigger threat than ever
and now with the invading Yokudans...

It's to to start on a new journey..

A journey towards a new era...

That bloodied throne will be mine."

Travel from the warm sands of Elsweyr to the misty mountains cold of Skyrim, chasing bandits through the Alik'r desert and lay siege to the Imperial City to reclaim your rightful place as Emperor of Tamriel. There is currently being worked hard on scenes and models with the main map being priority number 1. Currently we are 2 members in the team and we are always looking for more. All current members can be seen under the staff-list. BTTC takes place after the events of Skyrim (after Alduin is defeated specifically), meaning the civil war is still ongoing and Ulfrik and his boys will still roam Skyrim as an independant faction. Since there isn't much information on the rest of Tamriel in particular apart from a few conversations and quests, new characters will be implemented fill in the spots. Apart from this, the lore will be as undisturbed as possible.
The map is based off of ESO and multiple old maps from pevious games, having spent more than 70 hours drawing, looking up references and shaping the terrain (even had to redo it once) in order to produce the best looking map possible, both familiar and an amazing looking map.
The mod will be finished once it's finished, however as soon as an early playable release is ready, it will be released for the public to play, while still developing the mod further.

Mercenary troops for hire.

Over seas travel + naval warfare.
Over seas travel is indeed possible, enabling you to visit places such as Vardenfell, Solstheim, Summerset Isle and even .
Naval battles will work out the way as normal battles, however the scenes will be on open water with ships set up to board, so that infantry units also get some action. Falling overboard will be instant death. Once I've figured out a way to have ships follow a navigation path without resetting, sailing to the battle will become a thing!
Get to feel like Cyrus again!

Remaking of the cities and towns.
All of the towns and most of the castles will be recreated in the mod and hopefully bring back some long lost vibes.

Weapons and armour.
As the mod starts taking shapes, custom models will be imported and replace most of the vanilla items.
Everything's a lengthy process, but all in good time.

Magic is a big part of the elder scrolls universe, so magic will be made for the mod, but heavily balanced in some instances. Unless...

(After testing I've found that it can basically become portable siege engines, so a lot of balancing...)

Some will come before others as there has already been a path laid out for development. This path and the time taken to create the mod can be greatly reduced and changed by more members joining the team. Applications open in the Discord. We are currently seeking:
3D modellers

We are currently 2 people working on the mod, and we hope to see this mod out there with you guys some day :smile:

Down here are screenshots of finished terrain.
More screenshots will get posted with time as more terrain is sculpted.
More and newer screenshots are on the discord.

Note: These terrains are yet to be painted and is still in the sculpting phase. Not all land is fully rendered due to being zoomed out.

Feel free to join my discord where most information about the mod is listed while under construction.
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