Blood & Steel: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

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After playing more I believe I was mistaken to post the bit below (in the spoiler)
The conditions i was seeing in Swabia were typical for when one or two people are at war with them...
the place gets crazy, and I tried to lead a caravan in and play like normal  :oops:

Overall this mod is great. Well balanced etc...
I'm having the cannon ammo and gloves missing problem,
and Khergit Lancers don't actually Lance anything, and Horse Archers are pretty horrible, but otherwise no problems.

I'm sure much of this has been said before, and if that annoys anyone I apologize
for it is my intent only to put observations here for constructive purposes.

TGSZach said:
Let me say that I absolutely love this mod.
I also want to say I love this mod.
Great music.
Great stats/item rebalance.
Great new graphics, flavour, models etc.
Great new a.i.
Great new settings to choose from.
...the list goes on....

TGSZach said:
The only thing that bugs me is the undead. I hate me it ruins the sense of the mod. Is there a way to turn them off?
Thanks in advance

It's not just The Undead which I think is the problem- it's several factors combining at once... things that effect the entire game, and many unit types.

1. The "badguys" never fight each other, and almost always help each other against you.
- This "feature" is, in my mind, no more glaringly obvious than with The Undead and bandit types working together[?!?] There should be a very compelling reason for this to happen at all ever;
like only certain unit/factions should not attack The Undead, and/or work with them.
Maybe a quest to destroy the source of these Undead (a necromancer's secret base, a faction that has a secret sect/identity/goal, or some other source of unholy power that is reanimating the countless dead, even if it's just "make less war = less Undead)
-It seems like Undead should attack anyone they can, while bandits should only help Undead sometimes (opportunistically).

1a. The difficulty system seems largely to just make the "badguys" outnumber the "goodguys" more and more on higher difficulties.
-On normal the number of "goodguys" I generally see are, at best 1/5th the number of "badguys" roaming around.
-On Mommy(hard) it becomes really stupid with 10x or more badguys than good.

1b. Overpopulation of "badguys".
The spawn rate is too high.
- Given the vast populations of soldiers roaming around, there should not be anywhere near enough food to feed the population density I've seen on Norma and Hard.
-These people would be killing each other and/or starving, but they're not doing either, and after a couple weeks the entire map is packed so full of bandits you can't fart without pissing 1,000 of them off.  :razz:

2. Sight/chase range is screwy (too far).
The A.I. spotting and/or on-map chase-or-not script seems quite different (in a bad way) from other Warband games.
maybe there's a good reason for this, but I can't see it yet.
-If the a.i. spotting skill scales with your level and/or your party level of spotting, then what is the point in putting points in anything?
-Escorting caravans on normal/hard is a matter of making all the enemy follow you while you stay behind the caravan so that the enemies chasing you scare the caravan in the direction you want to go...
so it's a near-impossible herding mini-game instead of any sort of realistic escorting,
unless you're willing to slaughter a few thousand people just to get a caravan through.  :shock:
Maybe that's the point though. :lol:

All these "features" do have positive sides however.
For example:
-you never run out of badguys!
-epic 300-esque battles abound!

Bug report- If nobody in your party has price-effecting skills (Trade, Persuasion, Engineering) the prices are quite off.
GREAT prices to sell (better than with trade 7), and middling prices to buy (depending on your standing only it seems).
I've now played more than a few hours on Normal and most of the major issues i talked about above aren't an issue anymore.
It seems that during wartime things get hectic in a kingdom, but it calms down after war (good design).
When you get 150-200+ troops in your army (doesn't take long and is simple to maintain after you do some investing), on Normal the swarms aren't generally chasing you down anymore;
they're running from you.

I feel a bit like an ass, and am having a pretty great time playing now.

This thread can probably be DELETEd. :smile:
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