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MP Musket Era Blood and Iron Age of Imperialism [Version 3.0 released]

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The 1870's was an exciting time period of the world! The French and the Prussians went to war over German unification. The British Empire was in it's prime. The American Civil War left the US Army in turmoil as regiments were disbanded, and the country pushed West, expanding their boarders and swallowing land. And Japan was struggling with the recent overthrow of the Shogun and the increasing Western influence.

Blood and Iron Age of Imperialism focuses on these five factions and their position during this time period.

The mod developers recommend using Large Address Aware to improve your Warband experience, and to enjoy this mod at its fullest! Simply download the program, run it on warband.exe and select the check box to allow warband.exe to use more than 2GB of memory.

If you downloaded and played the beta, delete your Blood and Iron Age of Imperialism folder, download this release version, and reinstall the mod. This is required to benefit from the optimisation that was done to the mod post beta testing!


  • Completely new uniform models and textures
  • New environment
  • Medics restore health and stop bleeding
  • Quartermasters carry ammunition crates (can be deployed once)
  • Fix, unfix bayonets by pressing B
  • Throw your rifle by pressing N
  • Salute by pressing P, if injured saluting will switch to calling for a medic
  • Whole host of new engineer items to build
  • Breech-loading artillery, plus new field artillery pieces
  • Gatling guns
  • Pistol whipping
  • Samurai
  • And much much more...!

Commander battle is where this mod truly shines! Head over to our official commander battle server and give it a go.


Installation instructions
[list type=decimal]
[*]Run the download .exe file
[*]The installer will point you to the directory the mod will be installed to. The installation path should end in \Blood and Iron Age of Imperialm, if this isn't correct, make sure you edit it.
[*]Launch Warband and enjoy the mod!


If you're experiencing issues running the module, try the following:
  • increase your graphics settings (HDR to medium and above)
  • run Large Address Aware on Warband.exe
  • replace "postfx.fx" with "postfx - normal.fx" or with the same file from NW


Videos Featuring The Mod


Many, many thanks to these wonderful people who have helped and contributed to the mod throughout it's development. If I've missed anyone in this list, please let me know! (via PM so I actually get notified about it).

-- Blood & Iron module credits --

- project founder, creator of B&I
- Bello Civili assets
- Anglo Zulu War assets
- B&I 3 developer
- programmer, graphical artist (models and textures), scene maker
- donated Docm30's North and South uniforms and base textures
- permission given to use North and South assets
- Bello Civili assets
- creator of Hinkel's ACW uniforms used in the mod
- L'Aigle hussar uniform (5e hussars)
- Lord of the Ring's Weaponry OSP
- scene maker
- programming help
- North and South developer code and commander battle flag carriers and sergeants
- detailed feedback, bug finding
DanyEle, Olafson, Beaver
- Iron Europe machine gun code
Hairywarhero, Etherton, and the Union Army
- beta testing and feedback
- Gekokujo assets
- Bunroku assets
Von Afton, DrTomas, Auldman
- Twilight of the Sun King assets
Yellowmosquito, Highlander, Abominog
- 1866: Western Mod assets
Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword
- With Fire and Sword assets
- Crusaders Way to Expiation OSP pack
- Italian props OSP
- New female face models and textures OSP
- New female head models, face textures. amd hairstyles OSP
- SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set OSP
- La_Grandmaster's tribal props OSP
- New hairs for Warband OSP
- 100 new Calrade castles & fortresses OSP
- Animation Variety Mod OSP
- terrain borders OSP
- Polished Landscapes
- Rock and Mountain Pack OSP


hello, i have problem when i try host server on this mod, i have opened the port 7240, i download the files for hosted server, but i cant :sad:


markzz said:
hello, i have problem when i try host server on this mod, i have opened the port 7240, i download the files for hosted server, but i cant :sad:

problem solved, thanks :grin:


Whenever I play Blood and Iron, the game keeps crashing when I press b to attach bayonet, and for me atleast, it takes so long to load when playing Blood and Iron, specifically the textures, that it seems the game has crashed. Why is this, and how can I fix this?

(Accidentally posted this in Pioneer's Guild  :facepalm: )
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