Blocking Seems Sluggish/Unresponsive

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As the title states, blocking does not feel responsive to me at the moment. There seems to be far too many instances where I'm hitting right-click, my character model is blocking, but the attack lands on me anyways for reasons unknown. There appears to be a slight delay on raising a block/parry, while there's no delay whatsoever on the release (i.e., if you release after the models appear to have connected, but before the enemy has actually started the recoil animation, the blow will still land).

Additionally, counter-swinging after a successful block/parry, even active, is a hit or miss affair. Sometimes you will actively parry and counter-swing no problem, other times your character simply seems to refuse. If there are additional underlying mechanics affecting these items, it could use some highlighting as it is difficult to tell currently why my character acts in different ways in similar combat situations.
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