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BLOC - Cold War Political Simulation Game

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By the gods, is the P&W fan club caustic to any and all suggestions, criticisms, or even bug reports against the game. It's an echo chamber and a half over there. Is anyone here still playing? I'll sport you all of my daily resources, as I don't see any reason to actually play this silly thing. It's not like the game itself is anything special, especially since this silly nation color business came out.


Heibibloc is out now, located here: http://wawgame.eu
It's just like Bloc, but in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! I've started my own alliance of peaceful Space Goat herders, if anyone wants to join Space Goats.


Because I really like these game concepts, even if nobody ever seems to follow through on the execution.

Things are going pretty well so far: Everything is broken to the max, but he's still willing to weather the storm of angry users and try to fix it.


Bloc 2.0 is up now. Most prominent changes seem to be that the world is divided up into many more regions and that there is a new resource which you use to build stuff.


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What lacks is any sort of apology or a plan to not have the same things happen over and over again.


I and most of the WaW players went back, but we're only poking around. There aren't many serious players, since all the old hands know that Bloc is just going to die again once Rumsod has gotten enough donations to kick back again.

Also, holy hell but the new interface is terrible. It's like the worst parts of Politics and War.
Austupaio said:
Actually agree with Ody.

Wellenbrecher said:
For some reason half of the mails in my spam folder are by Bloc. :???:
I got six of them over the last two days.
This isn't helping.
It's eight mails by now and I think the first two got deleted for being too old. So effectively I got 10 now.
Do they all have " BLOC - a game of geopolitics is back! " as a subject line for you as well?

If so, yeah, I've gotten several of those now.
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