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The Dark Robin said:
5000k? How do you get so much cash so fast? :smile:

My economy :razz:

Here are the stats: said:
Economic System:               Central Planning
Territory:                               35,943 km2
Quality of Life:                       Average
Gross Domestic Product:       $3,391 million
Growth:                               $28 million per month
Foreign Investment:               None
Discovered Oil Reserves:       240 Mbbl
Oil Production:                       16 Mbbl per month
Oil Supply:                           31 Mbbl

So I generate 3400k every 12 hours and I leave my account for a while until I'm around 150% of my GDP in budget.
The Dark Robin said:
Nice. I get about 1300 a day. :lol:

:lol: You generate 1000k every 12 hours so thats 2000k a day really :wink:

The way you get budget is over 12 hours you generate 100% of your GDP (in terms of thousands, not millions since GDP is in millions) and at most you can store 200% before you stop generating more budget.

When I send you that large cash injection just throw a bunch of it into growth so you can start funding yourself a lot easier over the course of a few days, only if you can sustain the growth however.  :smile:
I am in the same boat as Peton, so feel free to ask me for money aswell. Though I only transfer when you are either online or I know you will login before you reach max GDP as not to waste the money.
Volkonski said:
I'm now at Vietnam tech and at a crossroad, do I buy T-62's at 500k 2 mbbl or get 2 more factories so I can produce my own at 300k 4 mbbl?. Considering we now have a limit on how much oil we can have, I've capped myself at 3 mbbl per month which is barely enough to sustain my growth but just enough so that I can steadily grow for quite a while before I run out.

So which is cheaper?.
Tank wise, the manufactured tank is cheaper unless oil is going for $100k a pop. However, factories scale up in cost for each one purchased so I don't think you save money in the short term buying the factories. Once you get to Advanced tech though you will start to be money ahead having bought the factories. (That takes forever though.)

The Dark Robin said:
It lied, I got 1000k. :wink: Rumsod hasn't gotten around to fixing that I suppose. :smile:
It didn't lie, Mahud got charged an additional 100k to send you the money.
Why wasn't cookie added to the alliance?

Edit: Thank you very much Peton, the money is certainly appreciated. :smile: My QoL and approval are finally up, so my stability is sure to come too, then growth will come with the stability. :smile:

My army still sucks, though. I hope I don't get attacked because to high GDP. :???:

Also, is "almost modern" the highest tech possible? I haven't yet seen anything higher.
You're welcome :razz:

Highest tech is Advanced, as known to the players right now but Rumsod says there is one higher than that however no one has ever reached it because it takes literally months upon months to get  anywhere near passing it :lol:
You should try. You've got the cash, the GDP, and the army. You probably could do it. :smile:
Brb, starting an alliance war.

In all seriousness though, I don't really worry about GDP. I may inflate my growth artificially once I've hit Advanced Tech (since Despot tanks are amazingly expensive), but otherwise it goes up naturally or not at all.
Why not join TW, Shatari? :sad: You're probably off the hit list as an ex commintern now. :smile:
I really like /int/ though. Besides, to be honest, I barely play. I just like watching the antics that everyone gets up to on the forums. (Which you guys really need to get around to joining someday. You're too big to be this quiet, and quiet alliances tend to get stepped on.)
I signed up but I don't know what to post on the forums.  :sad:

Also Shatari, you "barely play" yet you are moderator on the forums.  :razz:
Like I said, I enjoy the forum shenanigans. You don't gotta be a playa to enjoy the game, yo.

I used slang and stuff! Am I cool hip kid yet?
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