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Amontadillo said:
200k Men, Vietnam Tech. Now need to get manpower and training back up and grow my airforce from Somewhat Large to whatever comes next :3

That should keep me mostly safe, I suppose?

No that's not sufficient to protect yourself at all, I recommend you send me all of these soldiers and tech so I can better 'protect' you :3

But honestly yeah that'll keep vultures away from you, however a dedicated rival would still be a threat to you, and obviously getting spy ****ed is still a worry to everyone in the game no matter your strength.
I was thinking of eating up one of the smaller alliances or something. Maybe we could ally with another alliance and just spy-decimate a rival of our hypothetical allies.

It's a shame we're not all in the region.
I suppose hitting a smaller alliance would be a good idea, it would give our nations a nice boost to the economy and give us a bit of land in the process. Just don't pick one with ties to big alliances, lest we envoke their wrath.
My GDP is 2200 so if I am right, I can only attack anyone with 1650 GDP or higher.

I'll take Valnew then, the alliance leader. I'll have to attack Dracarys.

If you cannot attack, spying on them and aiding political opposition would be greatly appreciated.

That, or of course troops in expeditionary forces would help. I can keep a tally on who gets who's troops so everybody gets their troops back. (If that is how it works)
Well then I can't attack anyone silly.  :razz:

I can give you some troops but maybe you can give me some of the spoils of war when you win.  :smile:

Also I have spotted these two Middle Eastern nations as possible non-aligned targets:

One is in a war and the second has lost a war recently, but I doubt they can recover for a possible follow-up attack if we are patient.
It doesn't let you attack Valnew or any of the other alliance members? :???:

Whatever, you can attack Dracarys, I'll take someone else.
Valnew then, I already attacked dracarys. I'll send you some cash when the war is over. :smile:

The enemy holds the frontline! You lose 34 thousand men while the enemy loses only 1 thousand soldiers!

What is this?
Dude I was just about to post that your country has no way of winning.  :???:

Army Size: 36k active personnel
Manpower: Halved
Equipment: Vietnam War surplus
Progress to next equipment level: CLASSIFIED
Training: Undisciplined Rabble
Airforce: Mediocre
Chemical Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Military-Industrial Complex: 7 factories
Wars: Duruistian has declared war on this nation!

Army Size: 76k active personnel
Manpower: Depleted
Equipment: Second World War surplus
Progress to next equipment level: CLASSIFIED
Training: Elite
Airforce: Mediocre
Chemical Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Military-Industrial Complex: None
Wars: Dracarys has declared war on this nation!

This nation has declared war on Dracarys
I know that was after you lost 34k troops, but your training is WAAAAYYY out of proportion. You should have waited for me to give you the go-ahead for the alliance war to commence.

This is why I wanted to attack the harder target as well:

Army Size: 82k active personnel
Manpower: Plentiful
Korean War surplus
Progress to next equipment level:
Training: Elite
Airforce: Somewhat Large
Chemical Weapons:
Military-Industrial Complex: 5 factories
Wars: At peace.
I won't lose. I have more allies/he has more enemies than you know. :razz: I've attacked him before, and he's made some serious enemies.
Why do people keep neglecting training? It's the most important modifier in combat. As mentioned just two pages back, Commissar Brian lost a couple hundred K in troops to inferior numbers because he was at rabble.
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