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Shift to a mixed economy and use 'Raise Minimum Wage' instead. It gives a decent approval boost, and lowers the cost of housing.
Those only give a minor boost, housing and minimum wages give more. Alternatively, Cult of Personality boosts it way high at the cost of becoming a dictatorship.
Icy Fresh Werewolf (Coldharii) pointed this out to me when we were talking about BLOC.

Producing weapons is more expensive then buying from the black market. You get 1 weapon for producing weapons. Yet you seem to get 2 weapons for buying from the black market.

Can anyone tell me why this is so? Are we missing something?
Must be a bug. I'll ask in the forums.

Edit: Apparently you get a random number of weapons when you get them, ranging from 1-3. In the long run factory weapons are supposed to beat black market weapons.
He. I have 60 million growth. I -$2 million ever month for unsustainable growth but I get +$5 million for stability. But once the unsustainable growth overcomes the stability bonus I suppose my growth will just go back down to normal size which is fine.
You guys should hang out on the forums. Pest has decided to act as the UN courts, and I got drafted as the 'Person who paints a picture of each hearing'. Behold my first masterpiece:
Not until you want to build tanks, which require 10 (advanced tanks require 20, iirc). Having more makes it harder for people to knock you out of building weapons during a war (by bombing your factories), but they're so expensive that you're better off just buying them only when you need them.
So it sorta looks like I might have one the best militaries right now. I have a Large airforce, 150k active personnel and Korean tech.
Odyseuss said:
So it sorta looks like I might have one the best militaries right now. I have a Large airforce, 150k active personnel and Korean tech.

Everything is good there besides your tech, if you got your tech up by about 2 levels then id say you'd be amongst one of the best. Someone with higher tech will suffer less casualties than someone with lower tech. So eventhough your army outnumbers me by 39k I would still have a pretty decent shot of beating you one on one due to my tech being Vietnam.

Speaking of which, just about to get my tenth factory and then I will be spam producing tanks, trying to stay ahead in tech compared to most people :razz:
You won the battle! Your forces have killed 103 thousand troops while suffering 7 thousand casualties. Your army has occupied 200 square kilometers of enemy territory.

And that is why training is important. Commissar Brian got his clock cleaned thoroughly by have crap troops too, which is the main reason he rage quit. :razz:
It's not required, though it is a handy way to make friends with the other alliances. Of course, having a bad spokesperson there is a great way to make enemies too.
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