Blitzkrieg - Anyone still play this?

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Just wondering if anyone still played this classic WW2 game?  :grin:

Is the MP as similar as the whole game is to Sudden Strike? If so, awesome.
I mean I own the game - twice now, on a disc somewhere and on GoG - but I never actually played it :lol:
I never really understood the difference between this game and Sudden Strike. I owned Sudden Strike and played it to death, and I played this like once at a friend's house. It looks EXACTLY the same and plays the same from what I remember. :lol:
SS is three years older and CDV is behind both.
Amusingly, I noticed the thread while alt+tabbing out of it. Slightly tired of playing Russians, though not enough to go play in the desert with the other two factions.

Also, they're making a new one: MMO this time.
Loved me some Sudden Strike but never played Blitzkrieg, we were oddly enough discussing this on TS when I was trying to sell Men of War to somebody.
Blitzkrieg is very fun, although mp maps tended to be boring when they give you IS-3 vs Tiger II battles. But if they give you a balanced force it can be very interesting to play
Turns out I had played Blitzkrieg ha, was getting it confuddled with something else. Anyway yes, went back to it and damn this is still a fine ass game.
Almost want to play it on MP, but I modded it all to hell to make the campaign interesting again. With dubious success, given that my German campaign started crashing just as stuff got interesting. (End Kharkov 43 scenario mission)
There were some custom campaigns far more engaging than the original one.

I remember using this to search:

I really liked those ones from GordonCZ, they were great as **** (Specially Achtung Panzer and Motherland Calls)
I don't remember what that means, but they aren't "random" missions like the original campaign with two or three original ones; they are all original missions (32 or more?) with custom maps and units, all based in historical battles/scenarios.

There are core units I think, but I'm not really sure.
By the by, does anyone know how hard modding the game would be?
Namely, adding the Binocular logic from Scouts and Officers to light tanks and armoured cars? They're pretty much worthless, as far as gameplay goes most of the time otherwise, and I'd really like to have more than just as much heavy tanks as possible, with a few token mediums in my forces.
Figures. Just means I have to find the files in question, dig up and recognise the code, extract the files, splice it all together, stuff it all back together, and remember where I have the backups.

Edit: Think I found the part. If I'm getting it right, adding one of the standard abilities to a unit is, pretty much, piss-easy. Of course, it involves enough number crunching to have a dedicated calculator, so there's that. But luckily, it seems like the particular line is otherwise empty when used by tanks anyway.

Scout tanks, *****es!

...****ing thing crashes if you load a savegame where it's actively used. :/

Okay, so this thing is a bit less stable than I'd like with this thing, anyone have a better idea how to make them good scouting units without turning this into something of a World of Tanks combustible suiscouting simulator? Right now, all I've got is increased viewrange, but I'd rather avoid perfectly round viewranges that span half the map.
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