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Bling Bling Haelmar.

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The Haelmar Union is Queen Margaret's doing. Although it was formed trough diplomacy and not war, the shadow of the dreaded Haelmarian Hackapells was always on the background. Grizzled veterans of the Laurian-Bermian-Haelmar wars, this men knew no end to their bloodlust, and terrified their enemies with their brutality. They were the savages of the north. The Norland harsh climate was unsuitable for horse breed, and Berthe was full of marshes and mountains. Haelmar had it all. The hackapells were the only cavalry force of the region, and the Jaegers were the best riflemen. Queen Margaret knew this, and used subtle intimidation to force the other two northen kingdoms to join Haelmar. Stll she hoped that someday the three kingdoms would completely join to make a northern empire that could defeat the much richer Lauria. Her diplomacy skills and sense of equality between the 3 kingdoms earned her the respect of all the northern people. But that was not to last. Soon a disease started to consume her body from within, slowly. She felt an unbearable pain, as her organs rot and stopped to function. The doctors of the court mixed herbs that could ease the pain, at the expense of her laying dormant and dazzled most of the time. It was the time for her heir to come forward. However Prince Iohann Eirik did not share her mother ideals. Yes, the Union was necessary, but Haelmar was to rule it with an iron fist.
His policies stirred up the nobility of Nordland and Berthe and soon Iohan had to change plans. He sought and easy escape for this trouble. He claimed that the invasion of the southern continent of  Calradia was must, the Union could not allow Lauria to hold a grip on it. The war united the nobility, always ready for adventure and dreams of personal glory, and soon they set sail to the south.
They reached the only part of the Calradian coast that was not occupied: the remnants of the Duchy of Zenislev, deep into the east. The place had fallen into anarchy after the fall of the Dual Monarchy, and Lauria did not have the manpower or desire to occupy it, it was a barren wasteland, devoid of resources. The Union occupied whatever settlements and cities they could find, but they soon realized that there was little else they could do. To the west laid the Tsardom, blocking their way into the richer lands of central Calradia. To the South lay an unknown enemy best leave unprovoked, the Grand Duchy. To the southeast the hot plains of the Ormeli Empire who the Haelmarians feared, for they have never seen any men like them, they they considered them the work of some sort of devil.
Iohan knew little else of what was going on in Calradia, all he wanted was to crush Lauria and Imelda, for that would secure his rule over the Union and secure him a place as the greatest northern king that ever lived. When Margaret's advisors told her of the invasion of Calradia, the dormant Queen shed a single tear. Even if the Union won the war, it would never be an Union.

Venitius, you know what to do  :wink:


Poor Queen Margaret. She seems like the least evil ruler of them all.
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