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With the recent announcement of Bannerlord Early Access set to March 2020, excitement has been growing inside the community for what could possibly be one of the very last tournaments on Mount & Blade Warband. Obviously, with Bannerlord itself having been announced a while back, the rumours of tournaments being hosted for the very last time go back far in time, so much so that it ended up becoming a well-established joke within the competitive community. For that reason, erring on the side of caution remains the safest approach as it still is to be seen how the game will be received once its access is spread to a larger public.

Nevertheless, there is no arguing that March of next year will be a month awaited by many players of the community, competitive or not, and for that reason, the upcoming tournaments set for the end of this year ( Nations Cup 2019 ) and the beginning of the next one ( Warband Native League 8 ) might be looked back at some of the very last competitions ever played on the game. In the case of the 10th edition of the Nations Cup, applications closed the Saturday 28th of September, and we are now in the second phase of the playoffs week.

To accompany you in this competition, BladeCast_TV will be publishing a series of contents which we hope will help you to enjoy this tournament to its full extent. Below, you can find a list of some of our upcoming articles, as well as those already published.

Before the very important match against France tonight, a synonym of qualification in the knockout stage, we caught up Anubis to exchange a few words about the Russian & Ukrainian team and their run in the tournament so far.


French Toast
BladeCast Interview - Anubis | Russia Captain

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After your amazing run in the Nations Cup 17, Russia was awaited as one of the big favourite in the 2018 edition yet despite a strong performance, you guys failed at making it to the semi-finals, finishing at the 6th place. Can you explain to us what happened that year for your team and what was the atmosphere like?

At the beginning of NC18 the atmosphere was bad, the biggest problem is that we lost some good players cause it was only Russian team and some old Russian players didn't want to play with new ones. For example, it was my first nation cup and I was really nervous about all things. But the atmosphere changed one match by one and we played really good at the end.

Coming into this NC19, can you talk us through the process of building the team and what were you aiming at when the competition started?

To be honest we didn't even know for sure do we want to play or not when Watly announced a tournament. Cause each of our captains were really busy and not able to play. The situation changed when Red_war came back from his "trip" and we started to build a team with people who are active and asking old inactive players to help us. Some of old Ukraine players joined us, but they're not so interested in playing anymore.  During the tournament, we decided to change captain because our play style and in-game situations were really bad. We tried our best in the group stage and everything fell apart after our unexpectable lose against Norden team. After this, we lost the motivation to keep training and trying.

Talking about that match against Norden, do you have any idea what happened?

This is a horrible question. We started very optimistically but one big mistake at the beginning of first-round was so unacceptable and ruined our morale, in particular, mine. And i think I betrayed my own team with sitting in spectators at the second set of the first map. I started to play on the open map like nothing happened before but it wasn't enough and yeah, Robin was leading his team so good this match. We lost cause of the mistakes which made us lose our moral at the start.

Anubis about the match against Norden said:
"[...] I think I betrayed my own team with sitting in spectators at the second set of the first map."

Finishing at the 3rd place of Group B, you had to go through the playoffs phase and went on to face UK2. They started off strong on several sets but you always managed to shut them down when needed. What were the keys aspects which won you that match?

We didn't prepare for this match so there is no hidden tactics or something, we picked a map we wanted to play and the other one was good for us too. The reason we won that we are just simply better than UK2 players.

[size=11pt]Last but not least, what sort of match do you expect coming against France?

It's gonna be kinda hard since French cavalries are really strong. But everything could happen in this game and we gonna try our best tonight.

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