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Greetings Bladers!

As you know, we just announced the BladeCast Masters Tournament in partnership with TaleWorlds. Check it out here!

However, that is not the only thing we have been hard at work with in the past months. Today, we would also like to announce two of our other projects - the BladeCast Discord Bot and our Web Browser Server Monitor. They are currently being released in beta, which means that there could still be a few bugs. More importantly, though, it means that they will still be expanded upon as time goes on.

To add our bot to your server you need to click this link, log in to discord and follow the instructions:
Type in /help in any Discord text chat to recieve a list of cmds.

Its current Features include:
Warband Server search
Warband Map Search
TimeZone Clock
TimeZone conversion
Twitch search
Random cards, coins, dice, numbers
8Ball Answers
Play music. So far it's YouTube only. The bot will come into your channel and play whatever link you provide.

Filter by game type
Sort each column
Search for a server by name (live search updates)
Server Monitor Here

The bot should already be a great addition to any Warband Discord Server. Nonetheless, we will continue to update and improve upon it going forward. If anyone would like to make a suggestion or report a problem, feel free to message Wolflo for the Bot and Ross for the Server Monitor. You can also leave a post in this topic or join us on


Ross and the BladeCast team.
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Quick update:
- Servers using Warband Script Extender will now appear on the server monitor
- Server duplicates have been removed and should occur a lot less now

Thanks to imemine for the WSE bug report :smile: