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Been enjoying the hell out of traveling Calradia as a Merchant Blacksmith, I travel to a town, buy out any goods that are green, sell the red, then I look at the equipment and buy the cheapest there is while forging it into my own then reselling it to the city.

I've discovered that there are two things that I'd greatly appreciate to improve the experience of this amazing addition to the game and those are the following

1) Allow players to rest in the blacksmith page so that you don't have to constantly exit and re-enter constantly wasting a ton of time flipping between the city screen and the blacksmithing screen, add a bar + number that is always viewable to the player when in the Blacksmithing screen to see the consumption of your energy as you work on new projects, smelt, refine your crafts

2) Allow the player to "save" their favorite blacksmithing settings -- handles, blades, guards, pommels, sizes -- or at least save the last settings of the item created even when you leave the screen so that you do not have to constantly re-set all the settings (this is not as big an issue if suggestion 1 is implemented as your settings wouldn't be reset every time you have to rest to continue working on a project)

Both suggestions, in my opinion, will remove an extreme feeling of clunkiness and promote a much more clear and enjoyable experience when extensively utilizing the Blacksmithing feature in M&B II
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