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Heading into 1.9, blacksmithing remains the most broken method of printing denars after just a small bit of grinding; I've got a suggestion that I'd like to hear opinions on, regarding the balancing of this.

Opposed to how it is now (where forging is instantaneous) I believe when forging a weapon there should be a completion time proportionate to the difficulty of the weapon and skill level- where you'd have to wait for 0-100% of the weapon to become complete. The weapon in the process of being made would be transportable, in an unusable state, within the inventory between smelteries until complete.

This way, each weapon has value ascribed to the time that is spent creating it, and makes the worth more justified. Let me know what you guys think, and if anyone big on modding appreciates this idea enough to make it a reality, I'd love to try it out.


Already tried to embody the idea - in fact it turns out the same as now. Unless you have to take breaks more often, or less often, depending on the specific numbers you balance.

Stamina builds up over time and then instantly turns into an item. Or we wait, after pressing the craft button, in the standby mode in the city (possibly a castle, or a village, if you craft through the menu with the possibility of waiting)).

If you want to see a working idea, you need a unique craft. Otherwise, the game turns into a waiting simulator. Or charged companions and fight, again waiting.

According to the mind, you need to add a mini-game, such as targeted attacks on the anvil, as on the enemy, so as not to be smart with the mechanics and balance once again.

Quite rudely, remember the "Warband".
I did it there through the training camp. Newbie craft - fight with a newbie. Craft top equipment - fight with four best fighters at the same time.
Battle-Training, when you win, we get an item. No - you can cancel (return materials), or try again :smile:


It's not that simple, blacksmithing requires a giant amount of time, to make 1 million from 0 bs you might take 300 days in game. It's because basic resources are limited and the time to smelting and forging are huge if you consider the amount of material you need to smelt.
I have my character 250 bs, 1 companion with 180, at least 7 companions just helping smelt and it takes a lot of time to make money.
Also, you need to invest skill points and status to grow up your blacksmith.
I believe it's pretty fair, also, why you want to struggle for money? I was doing quests and managing my shops and city and it was pretty hard to keep my personal wealth decent to go on wars and recruit as many troops as I need. I've also tried go trade, but it's hard to make money too.
My suggestion is to create more ways to make money, not nerf the only decent way that exists.
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