Resolved Blacksmith Perks switch bug

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Okay so I went to the smithy and I proceded to refine some materials.
I selected a character with Efficient Charcoal Maker and I refined 2 hardwoon into 3 charcoal.
Then I kept that refine material selection from before and switched to a character with Efficient Iron Maker perk.
Now without selecting a material refine method, the selection for 1charcoal and 1 Iron Ore into 3 Crude Iron was already selected. But instead of using the Efficient iron maker perk the refine materialmethod was using the efficient charcoal maker perk. SO I was getting 3 charcoal form 2 hardwood instead of 3 crude iron from 1 iron ore and 1 charcoal.
Here is a screenshot:
I tested this bug some more. It seems that no matter what you choose to refine with a character, if you then swhitch to another character, your selection will still be active. What this means is that after you switch character if you dont select what to refine you can just press the refine button. So for example one of my characters knows how to make thamaskene steel and another character doesn't know, but with this bug he can create the ultimate steel without knowing.


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As the asked information was not provided within 2 weeks, this thread is marked as solved. If the issue still continues, please update this thread.
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