OSP Code QoL Blackjack Poker For M&B1.0 (Dec 11, 2008)

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:grin: Hey everyone, I've made a 21K minor game(Blackjack Poker) in M&B
It's a patch for native 1.0, just unzip all files to the folder of native to activate it.

patch and source download link (Dec 11, 2008 update):
Search "#plus" in module_dialogs.py, module_mission_templates.py,  module_scripts.py, module_meshes.py and module_presentations.py can be able to find the new source code.
Thanks Alixyang and SantasHelper to upload :wink: 

Dec 11, 2008. There is a mistake to be corrected:
open the module_presentations.py and search"(gt, reg54, reg53),":
The second reg55 must be changed to reg53(banker's points), that is:
  (gt,reg55,21),#player's points(A=11) more than 21
      (le,reg53,21),#banker's points(A=11) less than or equal to 21
      (gt,reg54,reg53),#player's points(A=1) more than banker's points(A=11)
      (assign,":win",1),#player win
At first, thanks the all-mighty Max.Pain
, who helped me translate this from chinese to english.

Main feature:

The game's rule is based on the classic rule of Blackjack, player can Hit, Stand and Double down, but no splitting or insurance. Speak to any travern holder to play.

Attention: Do not bring up game menus with hotkey such as Q or C, or you might not be able to see some cards or buttons and cannot continue after you return. If you still see "talk to Traven holder" after the game has begun, just move your character a little with WASD and it will disappear.

Screenshots in the game:





:lol: One set of poker with M&B character patterns on it, replace the blackjack_poker.dds in Textures folder of the patch to use it.

May all-mighty Armagan forgive me for using his photo :mrgreen:

download link:


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Haha love it. If you made the code open for other modders to use, or people to simply put into their games, I;m sure many would greatly appreciate it!


Great job, OO.  the biggest two cards are so funny...  will the couple like this?

maybe we can not only play with the pub keeper, but also some NPC or Lords,  and the bet is their army and city!


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Fantastic! Losing so much money in such a short space of time has never been so fun :razz:

It would be interesting to see how easy it would be to adapt this to other card games.


hyperion said:

Max.Pain said:
Give oolonglgx a Module system and he can create a world. :grin: Let's look forward to his new mod.

Now now.
No use getting exited just yet.
Well, you are right, I'm a little too excited. But I'm not excited just because this minor game, but possibily of module system shown by it. M&B lacks good user interface, but now we see that it's possible to improve it.
Ahhahah!! Brilliant!

One important feature is missing though - you should be able to put your horse and equipment on stake. And your companions!


I won't play it, but I must say, I always thought something like that was missing. Just...isn't it a bit misplaced in the middle age?
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