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I'm starting this thread for the new mod I'm building in Warband based on a RPG gurps pen&paper fantasy world that i have played for the last 15 or so years.

A brief Run down of story that i will be doing in game.

It will be loosely based on events that took place over the years of gaming
so the basic  gist of the story is based on 3 hero's out of ten that actually make into the pantheon of gods only to have there power striped by another Deity seeking the power all to themselves and wiping out pantheons of Deity's in the process.  Trying to be the one true God.

The only way for the last 3 remaining Deity's to survive is to find worthy receptacles and endow them with the essence of a god in the hopes these Deity's may one day return to power through gaining followers and worship.

Hence the God spawn were created by the last 3 Deity's Blackrain Lord Of Fire and Arch Demon of the Nine Hells... Trozen God of Alchemy, Luck and Fate. and Sithon The former Demon Prince of the Nine Hells.
scatted among every dimension in the universe these spawn seek to over throw the one true god and restore power to the pantheon of gods.

Until one day an event happened here on earth 200 hounded years from now a great cataclysm happened and most of the former world was destroyed by the formation of magic lay lines that exploded and caused earths once low mana zone to become the highest mana zone in all of the dimensions combined..
Portals to every dimension are opening up causing chaos and land formations to change and beasts demons and even godly powers are now enter through these points.

Mean while there is one chosen man almost a freak accident and the reason why so many powerful beings are coming to earth this man has a unique ability for he himself is a high mana zone making him the most valuable tool for the utter most powerfull beings to play with.

the last 3 gods traped in the nine hells used there remaining essence to travel to these nexus to find this chosen one in the hopes they can use this new power source to return to godhood..
And so the story shall begin from that point.

Im still new to modding warband this is my first real mod ive only done one other small mod for warband.... nothing compares to this mamoth task i have set before me!

Will post screen shots here as the project moves forward.


Sounds like an interesting project, I've always thought mount and blade had a sort of pen-and-papery vibe.

Doesn't look like you'll need any help, but if you find yourself out of time, my skills as a starter modeller are at your disposition. :grin:

Lord Benrir

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Good luck from here as well! :smile:
But I'm afraid that I have no skills whatsoever in M&B modding. (Well, some VERY limited ones, but they aren't worthy of being mentioned.)


Thanks for your interest i hope to release a beta soon heres what i have been upto and have planed for the beta release.

My goals are at the moment is just to add the mods and osp packs i want into the module.
Then i will re texture new units,item, buildings, and the world map.
Last i will add story line after everything is in place.

Things already done
Narfs Plate Armor osp pack.
Narfs Transitional armor osp pack
Spak Items pack
TES4 osp pack
TES4 Andragon osp pack
TES4 HP Jojjo osp pack
TES4 Nexon osp pack

Current works
Intergrating more items, units weapons and armor
Intergrating the Diplomacy mod
Re texturing town buildings new walls , floors, windows and the sand box map. Trying to customize the world as much as i can.



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hey that sounds like its going 2 be good!
i wanna help but i cant do anything because i dont have any texturing programms :oops:

can you please tell me which programms did u use??


Im using  Paint Shop pro 8.1 with a nivida dds plug in to re work textures.

Also got Animation Shop but i haven't fiddled with that yet.

the only thing i lack is something like wings 3d or 3d max to make new meshs which is on the cards when i get some funds again.


BLACKFIRE Beta v1.0 released

you can grab it at this link


Let me know how she goes aye im on too my next task world building...
Changing the map and towns making new factions and races balancing all weapons and armor... possibliy bring in new magical abilitys and item enchantment of some kind.

All this on the drawing cards not too mention retexturing most things to suit the storyline.

Oh and sorry i been vauge on the storyline part... its all part of the suspense :twisted:
I will introduce characters as i build them and post screens of them with background history to give you better a understanding of the game story.


Blackrain said:
Im using  Paint Shop pro 8.1 with a nivida dds plug in to re work textures.

Also got Animation Shop but i haven't fiddled with that yet.

the only thing i lack is something like wings 3d or 3d max to make new meshs which is on the cards when i get some funds again.

wings 3d is free so u could get it right now  :grin:


Also some people have expressed that they are having problems with some files running with their versions... The mod has been build on Warband version 1.127 and should work fine aslong as you have not changed your source files...

If you have changed source files then you will have to intergrate the mod by finding out what mods you have installed and what source files they have changed....

This can be a bit of a pain and is why i do not touch main Warband source files, it can cause other mods to have conflicts.

Next version i have taken all source files and added them to the mod so i can manipulate the files without disrupting the main game or other mods i have installed... It will be a totally independant mod.
One draw back doing this means i have to reintergrate the mod everytime Warband updates. 


Just thought i'd make a post keep peoples upto date on what im currently working on.
Ive been a little sick latey so work has slowed.

Still doing some major prep work for the mod

1) Added all source files from Warband main directory and they are now all loaded under the module ini.
2) Fixed banners Horizontal and vertical plus adding a new banner scheme with new banners hand picked from 1000 different textures from the M&B banners mod.
Added 69 new kingdom banners and new kingdom flags and increased resolution of flags to 32bit ARGB files for better clarity.
3) Did a simple update of diplomacy its now version 2.8
4) Adding more Weapons, Armor and Shields...    Added....Colored Lances, The Chocolate Box and Bumpy Textures high res texture costume pack.

The new file size is currently at 1.91 GB...
I hope i can compress the file enough to fit on the M&B repository in the future there is still alot i have to add and change.


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Hey dude youre Mod is 100% AWSOME! really like it!

a little inspiration: please make headshots 1 hit deadly. i throwed an axe in the head of a bandit WITHOUT any headweare and he just killed my horse :sad:


nice, can't wait till you start posting stuff about the story, would like to hear what's it is about. good luck with the mod!


Yeah ive kinda got cought up re doing all the banners atm i started changing a few textures and now i have re modeled most of the banners...
Im still not happy at this point so i am customizing as many banners as i can and its taking its time getting the textures right, plus i dont think i will complete them fully untill i introduce new factions...
So next release will have experimental banners they will change as new things are added.

Im also gonna start putting in new windows for towns... Boards covering windows in the normal version look crap and i think i can spruce things up a bit for some towns in the next release.


I got this horse, I don't know if it's one of the native or from one of the mods compiled here, but I love it, and I always hated horses in this game. So is it from a mod cause whoever made it deserves congratulations? It's a very husky horse with plate armor on it.


Yeah i put some mean beasties in the game :smile: They are from a horse pack i hope to add more horses in the next addition...

I would really love to put something other then a horse to ride if that is possible down the track..  Griffons, Wolves and Warboars would be nice to see running around.

I have been working constantly on banner textures and i need a break...
Custom made around 30 new banners and have replaced 3 factions banners , Swadia , Rhodok and Nords.
One draw back so far.. I have made the banners so high res im getting a little slow down while on the sandbox map.
Looks to good to drop back down so its reduce your systems graphics or put up with a slight loss in frame rate.. i usually adverage 40 to 60 frames per second but with all the banners it would easly take it down to round 25 to 20 frames per second.

I'll go back to them later gonna move on to doing some windows for towns now.

I may have fixed the lag problem with the banners...
So far i have found while using the banner standarization mod having both vertical and horizontal banners cause slow down and sometimes game crashs.
Even after i had modified the models for both brf files and had it set right i was still getting problems..

I now have removed horizontal banners altogether and just have verticals going..
They look better with the type of banners im using anyway so no real loss there.
After i did this i notice an increase in performance.


During my testing of version 1.1 i have noticed more then a few weapons that show up in the vendors that appear invisable when equiped... far as i can tell the module is reading the brf the textlines and the textures so i can't see a problem on that side of things.

Not sure if it has something to do with the placement of the load resource line in the module ini or if its because of the model or the texture the model uses.
Not being an expert makes it hard to pin point.

I will try to fix this problem or take those affected items out of the game.

So far ive had spare time to spend the last two weeks constantly working on the mod.. trying diffrent things not every thing works or looks good so they have to be redone over and over till i get it exactly right.

Ive half finished customizing new windows for towns. and now im  re texturing city walls roofs and doors..
Basicaly re doing each city using diffrent textures custom created and borrowed from games and good mods worth having in my game..
Any source i use is generaly and open source with no permission needed...
Tho i will request permission from those mods i use textures from that require it.
So far the only mod i have needed permission to use is parts of polished landscapes and polished building mods which i have spoken to the author about prior when releasing my last mod that i did Baseworld for M&B using both these mods.

I dont think he will have an issue with me using his stuff again.
Hope to get the next version out soon as i'll need a break after this effort,


I will be posting the new 1.1 version of BLACKFIRE on the repository today

Tho one set back i have had to seperate the mod into two downloadable files because the mod is so big.

You will need to download Blackfire v1.1
then you will need to Download Blackfire Textures and add the texture folder to blackfire module folder..

Sorry about this the M&B repository only allows a 500 meg upload and this is the only way i can release the mod.

I will try to release small updates after this because uploading 2 lots of files everytime i update will become a hassle for me and people downloading the mod.

Please let me know if there any dramas.


Version 1.1 is now on the repository make sure you download both required files. here is the links

for the Module file  ...  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2194

For the Texture pack ...  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2195

let me know how it goes.. :grin:

Oh and while I'm being watched by the admin for being naughty whoever is watching can download and check out some of my work in progress maybe drop me a line or two if you have something kind to say :twisted:
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