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I would appreciate the read, gentlemen.



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Rhade said:,375172.0.html

I would appreciate the read, gentlemen.


did you read da steam post.

upcoming closed beta.

how do you feel aboot this allfather


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bks is a bunch of pussies. only rhade would **** me up in a fight and even then, he gets no *****.


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sigi1 said:
bks is a bunch of pussies. only rhade would **** me up in a fight and even then, he gets no *****.

Funny thing here, small son, is that 95% of BkS are better than I am, and you're trying to suck my **** while talking **** about the rest of a legendary crew. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but you see, I have a large amount of fans that write me and expect a response, similar to Marshall's situation in "Stan," I'm sure you understand, but the more I think about it, I'm pretty sure that's vastly before your time. I'd imagine you aren't older than 20, often talk about "GETTING THIS BREAD," and haven't developed a sense of respect for your elders or betters at this point, of which I am undeniably and objectively both. Roll up in my thread and summon me, and sit and cackle with your friends that you did, but also know that deep down, you can't hold **** to me, and your no name crew is literally a joke. Let me tell your <snip> a story:

So, there was this one time, where we were <snip> everyone in the entire scene for years on a daily basis while we voluntarily chose not to wear entire armor classes and rode weak horse classes on purpo -- oh, wait, you probably weren't here for that. Let me fast forward a bit. We had retired, because <snip> was easy and victims were scarce, one may even consider changing our tag from 'BkS' to 'Cosby,' at that point. Not that your little random ***** ass would understand what it's like to roll up in a server and have to put up with ten minutes of randoms trying to suck your hypothetical **** or randoms packing the servers back when people actually played this game just to watch us make this game look easier than it already is. I understand you may be wanting to steal some of our shine, you're hardly the first, you won't be the last, and you are by no measure anywhere near the best. I'd rather lean towards the worst end of the spectrum, and I find myself asking why I even dignify this with anything close to a response, but sometimes it's nice when snot nosed nobodies show up to keep myself sharp, much like a heavy bag. I spent years putting up with people as smart as Marnid, dumb as Gowe, determined as Calamity, and with as much drool coming out of their mouth as Mok.

Don't suck my **** then talk down on the Shields of the Mother****ing Black, small son. Tyrian is ten times the infantry I am, Vanidar singlehandededly made sword cav viable in the scene, peers led the way for giants like Lagstro, Peasant, and Achilles, and Frit's versatility hasn't really been matched yet.

I get no *****? Just caught this body, and if this isn't a *****, not sure what is. Sometimes I think how cool it would be if Tom Brady showed up to some dude's house and just chilled with him for a few hours and bull****ted, so this is your equivalence: Rhade answered your dumb ****ing post, and then decided to actually respond to dumb **** you said. This can be the moment in time where you were relevant for a few minutes.

You're trash, no one cares, god bless BkS and god bless America (and explicitly not bless the Eurotrash), may Harn be with all of you stupid mother****ers even though you don't deserve his grace, BkS <snip> AE game is ez, ask Marnid (another dude you don't deserve to talk to) about how we can't show back up at a moment's notice and wreck your ****, no one has done half the cool **** we've done for as long as we did, and people still talk about us almost a decade later in hushed tones because you gotta kill a homie's name before you can kill the homie, and our name lives yet, and I'll make what I did to Leonidas look like a ****ing second grade play compared to how easy I handle you. You may ban me, but you will never kill me. You may get me to respond, but you won't like how that **** goes when I do. BkS forever, and if your tag doesn't read 'wK', you can get this work easy like girl, you ****ing cockroaches. Don't cite the deep magic, feel me?

wiFi CIIGES is DED said:
Rhade is literally a ***** - Arys


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