Need More Info Black screen after any loading screen

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No, I didn't use any mods.
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No crash dump still in game just cant doing anything on the map
Summary: After less than a hour of play time the game will crash saying failure to load map or will go to a completely black screen. This did not happen when I first started play. Literally log almost 50 hours in a week and then it started doing this. I can open the character menu and inventory but the map will not work.
How to Reproduce: This happens from any loading screen from battles to after a tournament.
Have you used cheats and if so which: Used arena overhaul and a few other mods but deleted them completely and uninstalled then reinstalled the game still does this.

I have a picture and video of it happening but your site wont let me post it so check out darkrisers96 on steam screenshots to see it. However I have to wait for a while until I will be able to show the video.
Let's try a clean install and try again so that we can be sure that there are no mod leftover files.
To help you fix the issue you are experiencing, please try the clean install method. The clean install method is removing every single game-related file from your computer and reinstalling the game. Why do you need to remove the game when you just want to remove the modifications? Unfortunately, some of the modifications do not just add a new modules folder but also change or add contents to the existing modules folder. Without a reinstall, we can't be sure files are unchanged. You can find more information about how to do a clean install here.
I did it and while it fixed the black screen I now get a crash happening in the same location now. It takes about a hour for it to happen so I have learn to save ever 15 minutes to try and keep progress just in case it speeds up and if it does then there is a big problem. I do send yall the crash log everytime it happens to.
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