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I'm working on this for a few days now. Most of the work so far has been research and a lot is possible. Right now I have a mechanism to spawn a building at any location and NPC's will properly walk around it (dynamic navigation meshes). I also implemented cutting down trees, the tree falling with physics, then the tree dividing in 3 wood logs after a few more cuts, which can be picked up and carried by the player or NPC's. I think I also figured out how to create horse-pulled carriages and hand-pushed carts and such. There are a lot of useful animations already in the game, but some new ones need to be made to make things look good (I don't yet know how to create new anims, and I have very little animating experience).
Awesome @Captain_Octavius !!

And do you plane to create a open scene mod or a mode with some place to farm and some place to build city and villages ? Singleplayer or MP ?

Can help for the animations perhaps ! I made some facials animations on blender and I can search some cool lumberjack animations or stuff like this


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And do you plane to create a open scene mod or a mode with some place to farm and some place to build city and villages ? Singleplayer or MP ?

The goal is to make it free-build. Singleplayer at first but multiplayer could be added later I'm sure.

In the near future I'll post a proper introduction article for it with all the ways people can contribute. Doing everything on my own would take too long so I'll be looking for collaborators. I just have to organize a bit more first.


The goal is to make it free-build. Singleplayer at first but multiplayer could be added later I'm sure.

In the near future I'll post a proper introduction article for it with all the ways people can contribute. Doing everything on my own would take too long so I'll be looking for collaborators. I just have to organize a bit more first.
Good luck, sounds very interesting.


Just an idea of mod :

A mod based on the Aztec and Maya civilizations (years 1400's , 1500's)

It cool be awesome too create different type of architecture like pyramides , temple , ball ground !

Let me know if someone is interested
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Suggestion for a mod (i'm surprised it isn't in the list yet since it existed in almost every warband mods) :

"Freelancer" mod : Being able to join a vassal's army as a common soldier,
- with a combat experience system : with experience in battles (from killing ennemies and participating in battles) you would level up and be promoted to the next tier troop
- combined with that a companion experience system : the longer you are in his service, the more experience you gain, which can make him trust you more and send you on more important tasks for him (for example scout < deliver messages < recruit troops < protect his caravans < collect taxes,...) making you later an actual companion with your "own" troops and become part of his clan until you get enough renown to be proposed as vassalage from the king
- a rebellion option : the better renown you have, combined with the lower the morale of the army is (and maybe with some other factors like the lord's personality i don't know), the more chance you have to leave the army with a higher number of troops and become an independent army or a deserter party
Those are just examples, it could be a lot richer in functionnalities but I'm not a modder (and don't plan to be) so I don't know what can be done and what can't be.

I don't know if the devs said it would be implemented into the main game later (if they did it would explain why their isn't a mod of it yet) but freelance is really important for me, i don't want to bother roaming like a hobbo from village to village to recruit peasants to kill looters for their dirty socks to sell lol. I just want to start the game as a soldier and actually have fun.
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I have always wished for a Big head mode in Warband so I wish for the same in Bannerlord. So what if there was one? Well, with a Big head mode there could be a multiplayer 'kart racer' mode where all the 'heroes' and the multiplayer characters ride on tiny horses, wielding weapons that are 2 or 3 times the character's size. So it would be like a kiddy version of Mount and Blade but kart racer where player fighting and racing at the same time but all the characters are in 'chibi' or 'big head' mode along with their mounts with extra sized weapons.


A heavily Roleplay-based game mode that simulates a prison. The player can play as either the guards or the prisoners. The guards must escort the prisoners, give them orders and ensure that they will not escape, while the prisoners' goal is to escape. This all happens on maps that are designed to look and feel like a prison.

am currently on the hunt for mappers and a scripter who is willing to help create a Bannerlord: Jailbreak server! You can contact me on discord if you're interested at :smile:


Stationary camps like the ones we had in mount and blade viking conquest. I thought it was a great addition to the game, allowing us to spend money and resources to build them during the early game and which then was a place where we could either place some troops if we wanted to have a lighter party and where we could even appoint certain people such as trainers and so which allowed us to slowly train the troops we placed there. I'm not gonna be too specific with the idea as I think how we had it in viking conquest was a little overpowered, just as an example, I think in viking conquest this static camp was invisible to enemies which was an op mechanic.


BECOMING NOBLE - Basic concept:

The SP player would start as a peasant (from non-noble family). Main Character would have the possibility to settle down in any village (get tent/house/property) and start to work on his/her reputation with village related quests. Participating in village production (with some real micro-economy of the village). Bring seeds, animals, tools. Making money and secure family needs. Help build village objects. Fight bandits near village and protect villagers. The village growth and prosperity would be dependent on successful quests - available food, resources, security, hapiness.
Player can get married in the village with non-noble wife/husband, have children and work on developing the village prosperity & family reputation. This could replace the initial phase of "rebuild your clan" quest.
The village would be vulnerable to raids during wars and your village could get raided and population wiped out. You would be taken as prisoner and if released you could start over. If lost family members, start over. At some point I would like to extend the village scenes with visual effects of raids/pillages - burned houses, killed population etc (if it will be possible).

Since there is a lot on the list, I will try to start with small steps at the beginning. Unfortunately, I do not have too much experience with modding, so I am only at the begging. Reviewing the current game code and investigating how can I inject the new functionality into the game. I have created my own village scene and starting to write the mod. I am not sure how much I will be able to accomplish but I will do my best.

Current objectives:
1. Add the functionality to be able to join a village, have own property/house
2. Enhance micro-economy of the village (possibility to make money, buy/store resources in your property), support village needs
3. Change the village scene and mechanic to allow more immersive first person experience
4. Allow to marry non-noble NPCs and settle them in the village


Realistic weapon hit sounds

Current edged weapon hits sound like hitting a bag of potatoes with a baseball bat. Actual sharp weapons hitting flesh, bone and/or armor have much less hollywoodish, but much more visceral (in my opinion) muffled "chomp"-like sound to them. Something like that:

I'm willing to record that soundpack later that year (I have access to various sharp weapons and armor + wanted to do a carcass cutting test video for a long time now) if I find someone willing to make it into a mod.


I have a basic good mod idea. You can make this mod only if u gimme admin powers ur sever (joke ./ )
This(my suggestion's) name was "hide & assassinate" at my first think about it , but now i want to update it with new one:

My mod suggestion's name is: Pass Away

>>> Two Teams. First has the Noble & his/her guards... While second team has the killers that tries to assassinate Noble.
>>> Guards have only 1 life, no re-spawn for them. But they have very strong equipments.
>>> Assassination team members spawns each 30 secs, but they have very poor equipments.
>>>The Goal for
Team 1: Reaching the last area & dominating that last place too.
Team 2: Killing Noble.

>>> Team1 has a vehicle with doors which is stable. Which moves to next area automaticly&slowly after each location's domination by Team1. Noble can hide as much as he/she can, inside this slow vehicle while trying to pass the map.

>>> Each location has special geografphy or character. Village/Forest/Cave/Cliffs/Bridge/Shallow River etc.
>>> Each location should be hold for 120secs for domination( & being able to move next location).
>>> Enemy spawns automaticly moves to next domination place, each time the last dominated/cleared.



What do u think? I think this can be pretty fun in a huge & well designed maps with future updates..
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Great post, I have no experience or time to make mods but I have lots of ideas.

First, it would be nice to have a true polygamy mod, one that would allow me to Genghis Khan my way to victory by eventually making all the lords in the game spawned from my progeny.

A more involved mod that covers much more ground would be the addition of something of an 'end-game' invasion of Calradia by a new, outside force, much like the end-game crisis's from Stellaris. Have it set to trigger possible once one of several conditions have been met, such as so many in game years have passed, maybe a post main quest after the Dragon banner 'questline' has been completed, or the destruction of several main kingdoms has happened.
I am imagining a new faction invading from the lands between Aeseri and Khuzait, with a new city or several revealed beyond those lands, with large armies consisting of higher tier units then the rest of the factions. Perhaps a faction based on India/Siam, complete with, drumroll, mounted war elephants. Not the LOTR out of proportion size, but appropriately larger and fearsome, and able to mount a couple of archers on its ranged mounted tree line. I think this would add to the playability and a new level of difficulty and complexity, along with a new area to conquer.

Lastly, a mod adding slaver caravans, ala manhunters from Warband. Acting much like regular merchant caravans, but attacking small bandit and noble parties possibly, as targets of opportunity, while following a trade route. Add in player interactions along the lines of being able to either
trade with them, buying and selling prisoners, possibly recruiting some of their party "Mounted sledgehammers of doom, anyone?', or attacking them and freeing their prisoners into your party, for a relationship loss and giving them lease to attack your parties. In any case, they could make for a new source of quests, possibly adding in a few from towns to seek them out and have a certain prisoner released, much like the ransom daughter quest. Or even as a source to obtain the elusive sword sisters, *wink wink*.

My apologies if I didn't follow the exact post guidelines, got a bit carried away with describing what I think would be interesting. Happy Modding.

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It might be hard to do but would love a mod that allows you play as the Lich King from WoW. Even just having the armor and sword is enough for me.

For background the LichKing was a DLC for warcraft 3 but is also a World of Warcraft villian in his own expansion. The main powers of the Lich King was the Helm of domination, which allowed mass control of a large swarm of undead. There was also the sword FrostMourne which was iconic.

If the mod could be fully fleshed out. I would love to see being able to rise defeated armies as undead and add them to your own. It would also be a stretch but adding the original story would be awsome. Considering the original story was based in a RTS I think it's easily do able by reskinning peasants, removing the weapon, and increasing fist damage by a bit and health. The hard part is unique undead and larger ones. But honestly just adding a skin for the helmet and frostmourne is great.
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