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-Set your character's age at character creation. 15 being the youngest possible age if the game allows.

- a longer day/night cycle with rest required every 2 days. No rest leads to morale drop and vastly reduced healing/recovery from battle.

- morale and health drain for non Aserai units moving and fighting in the desert during the day time. -5 morale and -5% HP per day traveling in the desert during the day. Can also effect or the main character and companions depending on their cultural background.

- morale and health drain for non Sturgian units moving and fighting in the snow at night. -5 morale and -5% health per night. Can also effect the main character and companions depending on their cultural background.
- Building a Castle or Town in a area of the players choosing. Castle is probably easier than town.
You need a certain ammount of supplies Tools, Linen, Velvet, Hardwood, Stone (Not in game I think). Have a certain ammount of workers needed to start And you could Hire more workers to help speed up the process. If possible the outsidr and inside look of said castle could be made to look like otger castles in the region.


just stumbled on " Accurate Unit Promotion Prices" on the nexus. it calculates the cost of a troop upgrade based on the new equipement, minus the old ones, which is genius in its duh-ness, but quickly devolves into recruits only armies because all the equipement prices are so inflated.

now if someone could fix the equipement prices to something reasonable, this might just be the money outlett the bannerlord economy needs to stop everyone from becoming millionairs within a few years. every troop you loose is money you loose, that money is just gone and that is what bannerlord needs most, not a 100k sword that i buy once and keep forever.

long story short: "Reasonably Priced Equipment + Accurate Unit Promotion Prices" = fixed economy?
i would do it myself, but i dont know how to make dlls and the only .xml i found relating to this was about item moddifiers like masterwork, etc. that might need a looking at too.


I must suggest a New "Reckoning Mod" like in Warband. You have a zombie apocalypse with hordes roaming and various factions figthing eachothers all across the map.

(original mod link)

You will have factions and clans with few squads well equipped or large squads badly equipped (self made weapons and melee). Trade will be much important cause resources are scarce. Most of the people will go on feets, someone with horses, only someone will have a car.
The bigger factions will be able to handles Herds, the little factions will keep running from it. ( Zombie herds with 500 zombies inside)
Zombie Herds will be able to attack settlements and won't need to build sieges machines ofc.

I suggest to take inspiration from Walking Dead The Game and add companions like Lee, Clementine ( you can't do a walking dead game without Clementine, possibly Season 4 Clementine wich is a dangerous fighter), Luke, Kenny...And ofc Lilly.
YOu can add ofc also the series tv series characters making a greatcross


<A scene and campaign mechansim where you organize and oversee drills for your troops and companions in camps and garrisons>
I have no modding skills but I think the idea that you can organize and oversee drills in which you can participate would be very immersive, just Imagine a scene where you get to see your 200+ party train their discipline, formations, close and ranged combat skills to perfection,in game time passes as the scene ends and your troops accumulate experience and you level up your leadership and combat skills (if you choose to participate yourself) and the complexity and efficiency of the drills is dependent on your skills and party size and if possible to implement upgrades for the drill system, I really wanted to see that mod come to existence since warband.
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Let me control my companions individually on the map whenever i want to, their armies,caravans etc. for example i can park my character somewhere or inside a town preferably and it will stay there until i get back to it, while i control my companion parties to fight their battles roam somewhere and do quest..

suggestion #2:

1. can make my companion lords/vassals, can marry them too
2. polygamy!!!!!!
3. RNG where theres a chance that i can make someone pregnant or make me pregnant when i stay in towns, ie nobles,lords,companions,random npc, then when the baby is all grown up will have bastard status if its from an unknown npc ofcourse if you dont pick him/her as heir she/he will rebel and make a claim for the throne, if its from another lord bastard the clan of the other parent will support his/her claim etc
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Can anyone make one or all of the below mods please?:
  • Super Jump: Have the ability to jump high enough to even jump over castle walls easily.
  • No Reaction to getting hit: When the enemy strikes you, you don't get paused, you can continue hitting as if you weren't getting hit.
  • Swing Speed Modifier: Ability to modify the swing speed of a weapon, or any other stats of a weapon for the hero only.



This should be easy, frankly.. Just wondering if anyone is, or will be, tackling a Wallachian(Vlad the Impaler) troop tree for a Sturgian spin off?


Is there a mod that expands the custom battle mode to allow for specific troop selection? This would be priceless both for trying out new tactics & army setups, and for balance testing new troops introduced by mods. I wanted to use custom battle to check my new custom troop tree isn't OP and that the units function as I intend them to tactically, so pretty disappointed to see custom battle is currently only kingdom selection and troop ratios.


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Would it be possible to make a mod that has all clans start independent? It would be neat, but chaotic. Implementing a system where the AI can start factions once they build enough relation with each other through either trade or assisting each other in battle would be awesome too.
More Martial Arts!
Loving the ideas coming into this thread (especially from Embers144, so much yes to pugilism!) and the state of these most impressive mods: BattleStamina, Realistic Battle Mod, Realistic Weapon Collision; all of which I'd like to compile (w/ permission ofc) into the major mod overhaul I'm still struggling to find time away from RL to work on (and to learn C# to see if some of these little dreams are even possible!).
  • Dodge || x2 A, S or D || I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet, as I don't want this to become too much of dependency like it is in Dark Souls or Conan Exiles; I mainly want to find a fix for the kiting exploit. I think giving the AI and players a chance to do a quick little lateral or back step may be all it needs to disrupt this problem and to add a little more depth and challenge to combat, as long as it uses a decent amount of stamina (maybe dependent on encumbrance as well). More advanced/longer dodge rolls could possibly be (learned via perk?, and) performed by very lightly armored/encumbered units when they hold the crouch key (which shouldn't be a toggle [x2 would toggle? otherwise it must be held] and remapped to Alt). Dodging or rather rolling to either side could be done when knocked supine on the ground by a takedown or throw to quickly dodge incoming attacks or toward a dropped weapon. Rolls would be reduced to a side shift or quarter roll of sorts when the attacker is in the "mount" (crouch[/knee/sit to give even less chance of escape: leaving only a weakened attack, or reduced parry, grapple and disarm that must be done before they can attempt to sit/knee up? {Lots more to animate so maybe this isn't necessary?}] when they're over/in the grounded ones hitbox?) position and pounding with their fists or attempting a shorter weapon finisher.
  • Grapple || Ctrl || An opponents main hand could be grappled if at least the grapplers offhand is free and they are within unarmed range (and/or I wonder if it's possible to elaborate on the weapon collision mod and make it so that when parry's and/or attacks with swords are "held" one would attempt a grapple automatically when they move forward or when their opponent moves laterally?). Parrying with a weapon in any direction would have a small chance to counter the grapple if its timed right, much like how chamber blocking works and obviously striking someone attempting a grapple would make them fail completely. Once grappled a defender could break the grapple by first winning a skill check initiated by clicking LMB(confirmed by a noticeable shift in the animation, audible chime/grunt of sorts or other visual cue) and then either kicking them away, headbutting/shoving them (by holding RMB and hitting E) which would partly damage and stun them if they're "more helmeted", a strike with their offhand weapon (would need to introduce some Highland dirks or proto-parrying daggers for my particular mod but welcome to the more advanced models as well) or try and gain control by grappling back; that is if the opponent hasn't tried any of the previous examples or stabbed with their main dagger, pommeled with their sword or larger one handed weapon (two handed weapons would have to be somehow toggled to be used single handed here), initiated the disarm, takedown or throw maneuver yet.
    • Disarm || D or A + LMB - F || The one in control of the grapple must not have a weapon equipped in their main hand and would need to pass a skill check against their opponent, that matches the weapon they're attempting to disarm and maybe their overall wrestling or grapple skill if we can add new skills/perks? The grapple is momentarily lost whether they succeed or fail because the defender is put to a knee and the attacker needs to move their body to lock the wrist, as depicted here.
    • Takedown || Z(Alt) + Ctrl - x2 W || This combo would initiate the attacker into performing a crouching headbutt to the upper pelvis and a lifting of the opponents legs/lower thighs (as pictured here), both combatants weapons in hand would automatically drop (maybe there's a skill check for the one being tackled to possibly keep theirs) and the opponent would be left in a rag-doll/supine position on the ground leaving the tackler crouched over them. This maneuver could only be countered by someone with enough stamina, high athletics and low encumbrance via a lateral dodge done at exactly the right time (before the grapple); this move could be attempted without an initial grapple, though obviously not as effective if not in range (maybe some don't intend to do "harm" with this animation:wink:?:roll:).
    • Throw || S, A or D + RMB - Space-bar or Z(Alt) || This maneuver would perform a variant of a hip or over the leg throw (whichever would be easiest to animate I guess, would look something like this, this, this or this) to whatever side chosen with the movement key (or maybe it has to be one side or back specific?). Unlike the takedown, weapons may still be held in the main hand (with a chance for the one being thrown to fail a skill check and lose their weapon). If the one being thrown has enough stamina, passes an athletics and encumbrance check and presses any move key at the right moment before hitting the ground they will roll and land on one knee and not rag-doll into a supine position.
  • Half-sword || Ctrl + X || This would only be available with swords obviously, and really only make sense for use against the rare heavily armored opponents*(see edit note) as it would give a significant bonus to piercing damage and some minor blunt damage for lateral swings though it would lower the length and cut damage (somehow, again I have no idea if any of this is even remotely possible), and provide more benefits/variety to grappling by having the ability to strike even when not in control (though with limited damage and a chance that it won't break the grapple) and by adding a little more damage to throws and disarms.
  • Parrying daggers || Smallish daggers with large cross-guards and some longer knives such as dirks could be equipped in the offhand and used for striking or parrying, the X key would switch between modes (and reverse the grip for some knives/dirks). Special fast stab/slash moves could be done with some dirks/knives by parrying (in the reverse grip, dull back blade against the forearm position) and then quickly switching the grip forward with X and attacking (with RMB), this would essentially use part of the parry animation allowing for a quicker stab or slash, maybe an ambidextrous perk would need to be unlocked for this feature to have the same damage as a main hand attack?
  • Sprint || x2 W || I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere else and will hopefully be done soon; it would obviously consume lots of stamina if heavily encumbered or low in athletics.
  • Stuck Weapons || I imagine this would probably be way too much of a script load to roll for every swing and is not totally necessary, but I'm adding it nonetheless because maybe some genius knows a way. Most sharp weapons could randomly get stuck in shields and armor, which would require a kick (or two depending on how much damage was done) to loosen it. Axes would be buffed but have the highest chance of getting stuck in a shield or body (even unarmored ones), spears and lances (? I'm sure this would cause a major issue on horseback, so perhaps it's less likely and maybe instead of making them breakable they are just let go of? So the person who got stuck with it can remove it with Ctrl + F?) would be next with swords followed by daggers as the least likely. Cheap wooden shields without metal banding would have less health, but provide a much higher chance for a weapon to get stuck.
  • Taking a knee and/or seat || H (remap to Z) || In order to stand up after being knocked down one should have to press H(Z) to move up to a sitting or knee position then tap Z(Alt) to initiate the quick crouch to standing animation; perhaps the Space-bar could be pressed instead to automate the procedure but the animation would be a little slower. It would be great to see this worked into an honorable yield or surrender mechanic for AI to use instead of running to their deaths and scripted into some special animations/scenes for granting knighthoods/vassalage to companions and fealty swearing for other nobles. Maybe X could toggle a sitting on the ground animation for added immersion at camps or in villages, and/or to regenerate stamina in long battles; it would be great if this sitting could be used on grounded opponents as well but this is surely an endpoint goal.
  • Throw Weapon || Ctrl + G || Most weapons should be able to be thrown, as they are in Mordhau.

    *-EDIT-* Perhaps by limiting the AI to use only half-sword, takedowns and throws when they lose all their weapons or are against the more rare heavily armored heroes and units in full plate (all of which would require much buffing to make this mod worthwhile) would make this mod more performance friendly and realistic. Disarming grapples would also only trigger after they stick a weapon too many times or break a shield/spear. Imagine how epic duels would become with this mechanic!
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Minor suggestion, one that is honestly probably something only I want:
There's a haircut I really want for my character. Essentially, it's shoulder length, wavy hair, but with a very receded hairline, like this guy's hair is receded, but he doesn't care and still rocks the locks (and a moustache). If anyone is willing to indulge me this selfish request, I'd be very grateful.
I'll see if I can post a drawing of it tomorrow when the forum gives me permissions to do that, since I literally started this forum account to post this.
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Darth Vorhn

I think it would be cool to have a star wars Faction pack filled with Jedi and Sith Robes and Lightsabers along with hilt customization from the smithy to fully immerse yourself and make your own lightsaber and maybe also make your eyes yellow like in the movies they did have this in Skyrim and that was epic!

If someone can make that mod in this game I'd totally download it!


Hey Guys ,

What about a mod where we can farm ressources and build village or castle ? 😍

I think about it since the first warband , for me Talewords created the best mix between a fight game and a strategy game , and it cool be huge to have build and craft parts inside this perfect wedding ... :grin:


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Hey Guys ,

What about a mod where we can farm ressources and build village or castle ? 😍

I think about it since the first warband , for me Talewords created the best mix between a fight game and a strategy game , and it cool be huge to have build and craft parts inside this perfect wedding ... :grin:

I'm working on this for a few days now. Most of the work so far has been research and a lot is possible. Right now I have a mechanism to spawn a building at any location and NPC's will properly walk around it (dynamic navigation meshes). I also implemented cutting down trees, the tree falling with physics, then the tree dividing in 3 wood logs after a few more cuts, which can be picked up and carried by the player or NPC's. I think I also figured out how to create horse-pulled carriages and hand-pushed carts and such. There are a lot of useful animations already in the game, but some new ones need to be made to make things look good (I don't yet know how to create new anims, and I have very little animating experience).
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