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While I suppose I could potentially implement some of my mod ideas (having been able to get a few mods of my own running already), I'm not the biggest fan of the way Bannerlord uses compiled code rather than something more human-readable. So until I decide whether or not I'm going to try to implement these ideas myself, I'll put them here for others to consider.

Wanderer Relation Expansion
The key component of these ideas is to expand the use of the relation meter for companions (specifically the randomly-generated wanderers). Right now, I'm seeing them at -2 to 2 relation based on traits and culture, but this never really seems to change. So here are the ideas:
  • Relation gained with party companions when renown is gained. The easiest of the ideas, if you stick to battle victory renown. My idea would be that 10% of renown is converted to relation to active party members. (1000 renown to go from 0 to 100 relation.)
  • The ability to marry companions and/or make them vassals in a player-run kingdom. This would be where the use of relation would come in, since a companion would have to like you before they married you. And if they were made a vassal, then they would move into whatever is programmed for lord relations.
  • (Vague) Relation loss when performing actions that clash with the traits of a companion. (So a brave and cruel companion would hate retreat, an honorable or merciful companion would hate raiding, etc.)
  • If relation dips too low, a companion will ask to leave. A barter or persuasion has to be used to reset them to a moderate relation, otherwise they leave the party and clan.
  • Sort of pushing into vassal relations, it would be interesting if vassals with very low relation could rebel or ask to break away from the kingdom. It would require barter, persuasion, or a battle to bring them back in line.
Ultimately, I feel like the relation meter is underused in the current game. Aside from mass executions, it can take forever to even find a way to change relations with characters. Having more ways to get on peoples' good and bad sides could add more depth to the game.
Alchemy & Early Thermal Weapons
As much as I love the respect for history and attention to detail found in the Anno Domini mods, they're set a little too early while WFaS is too late! I'm more keen on a 13th-16th century setting for this large conversion/DLC type mod concept, and think it's likely easiest (if not just in terms of resources) to set it in the already established quasi-historical analog of Calradia. I think something like a century after the events of Bannerlord, (at the very threshold of the final collapse of the Empire?) would be the most fertile and accurate-ish. This way most factions would be retained while early/minor forms of the Warband factions could be introduced in their "assembling" phase, as tribal/minor-faction confederations/leagues, and/or rival claimants that would result in inter-factional/clan wars providing more conspiracy-plotting/quest game-play; that I'll touch more on in yet another post and obligatory disclaimer. I'll just go ahead and list the components for this section of the titled mod here though:
  • An alchemist NPC could be hired for a considerable sum of 30k+(?) in taverns, but also wandering in the towns markets and village countrysides (where they're cheaper but with less starting materials, medicine/engineering skill experience and/or recipes). Alchemists would commonly reside in the lower rooms/cellars of keeps or small previously unused outbuildings of some castles, where they would be under the service of the fiefs owner so they could be bartered with but not hired; the player could also use their equipment for crafting provided their relation is high enough with them and/or their fief owner and personal clan/faction. Unlearned recipes/plans for exotic thermal weapons, machines, potions, poultices, and poisons could be bought from them if the player has a high enough relation and denars.
  • A fetch type tutorial/quest to introduce the player to the crafting mechanic. Simple materials like clay, hardwood, tools, silver ore, and rarer stuff that would have to be added like lead & copper ore, glassware, and silk would need to be gathered from the markets. Once that's completed they would ask which of the heroes towns or castles they should set their equipment up in. Once setup they could begin following their heroes orders by crafting from their supplied substances and known plans/recipes for personal weapons. Completing orders would slowly increase their medicine and/or engineering experience, and make their creations more powerful and increase the chance of researching new recipes and plans, which would require a slidable budget of denars to foster the time consuming process of experimenting on rare goods purchased from caravans.
  • Silk caravans would spawn east of the Aserai and Khuzait homelands, to come trade their rare goods (such as repeating crossbows, rockets and high quality gunpowder) with the castles, towns and the odd village that has a rare transient alchemist and/or various types of mushroom/fungi (common edibles: white/morel/chanterelle, medicinal: chaga/lions mane/turkey tail, poisonous: death cap/deadly dapperling/fools webcap, psychoactive: ergot/psilocybin/fly amanita), herb/plant (cannabis, aloe, nightshade, hemlock, poppy, thyme) and mineral/chemical (sulfur, bitumen, pitch, niter) source; making these ingredients as primary productions would be unbalanced, but adding them in small quantities to the appropriate villages, (and maybe even the outskirts of some towns and castles) should be fine: farming villages would have the plants/herbs, herding villages would have mushrooms, hardwood villages might have some as well as pitch, while the miner villages might have a small sulfur, bitumen or niter source. It'd be great if some of these could also be manually harvested by a wandering/keen eyed player if not just added in small quantities to the barter menu. These exotic caravans with their samurai/Chinese & Indian warrior looking guards would be seen as the primary source for the introduction of thermal weaponry.
  • An alchemists/engineers workshop that could be built/changed in the towns for 50k+(?); so as to upgrade their equipment, and the small room allotted to them in the keep (so they wouldn't be available in castles?), hire assistants and for the logistics of being closer to the markets, other workshops/artisans, smithy and the outer walls. Here they would better be able to mass produce all the weapons and most dangerous of substances such as: naphtha, pitch, quicklime, gunpowder, grenades, hand cannons, fire lances, flaming arrows, bolts, spears, and rockets and work on larger siege oriented projects, such as flamethrowers, hot oil and sand cauldrons for the walls, bombs and other ammo for the catapults/cauldrons, and the much needed water pots for counter attacks. Once enough time has passed and these projects are complete they could then be sent to castles to upgrade their defenses or added to armies inventories for use in sieges; other more "legendary" quest type projects could be conducted here as well, that is if they don't need to be made under the secrecy of the keep but i'll save those for my more in-depth master thread.
As for the actual crafting bit it wouldn't have to be as tedious/detailed as KCD or as complex so as to need to completely overhaul the skill tree by adding another branch/stat; hopefully it's not too challenging to just add some damage/success bonus perks, and copy the Smithing UI or maybe use one of the bartering options? If neither of these work then surely some kind of dialog exchange could be rigged up? Sorry if that's getting too specific and mired in the details, so let me know if you think this is even possible, or if I need to edit something (again) to make it shorter or something.

- Edit Reason - For brevity and legibility. I'm also still working on some rudimentary artwork and naming/writing for my own "master" thread, also researching what ideas are even possible and how modding works.
- Additional Credit - To Lord Ferdinand's, Age of Plate — Concept, which is where I think this idea may fit best (if Xaphedo renames it to Age of Plate & Powder?) because it would be around the same (loose) time frame while pulling some resources from the Warband Remaster, though I don't want to see too many nobles in a panoply like King Harlaus (maybe just some of the rulers, the rest in 3/4 plate?) and maybe the top-tier sergeants and/or knights would have munitions grade half-plate or just a cuirass?
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Viking Conquest 2 for Bannerlord.
No matter, if it is a mod, a DLC or a stand alone game.

It's more not an idea, but a hope that "Viking Conquest" developers are already thinking about realizing it.
General historical information on the period - Viking Age from Wikipedia.
All information on "Viking Conquest" DLC for "Mount & Blade: Warband" is present here, including features:

After watching comments in different threads for a while I can tell with confidence that people expected to see most features from the final version of Viking Conquest in Bannerlord. But these features are missing. And if they won't be implemented in future, than the more unique the new Viking Conquest would be. Besides features, and even more important it's a very interesting historical period of time for a game of this type.
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An idea I recalled recently: I'd like a mod where the player can toggle which way they use ranged weapons. I used a left-eye bow when I tried archery years ago, so I'm consistently having the issue where I go to shoot enemies on the right of me... which is not allowed when mounted because the bow is held in the left hand. It would require new animations and game logic, but being able to toggle bow arm like we can toggle weapon styles would be great.

An alternate solution would be a mod to flip the animations so that everyone is left-handed. Then, the disallowed direction for mounted archery could simply be flipped as well.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Any possibility of making WFaS mod for Bannerlord? Or maybe "The Deluge" with singleplayer. I think many of us would like to experience this great setting again.
Share you thoughts and ideas!

I guess the Deluge dev team will take care about this :wink:
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Must be somekind of surreptitious serendipity that others are thinking of WFaS and Viking Conquest as well (though I think they were already included in the list in some way or form; must be quite the job sorting and compiling all this, kudos to Xaphedo!), I wonder how difficult it would be to convert, and combine select elements (like gun and naval game-play) from both (plus Napoleonic Wars) of these glorious mods/DLCs into a single conversion mod? Probably impossible with the new engine and all, so maybe I should save this type of discussion for my own thread though, 'cause I know my last post was maybe a little long and highly speculative; so I'll just fire off another quick bullet list of ideas so they could better be understand as independent mods for smaller dev teams and maybe incorporated into Xaphedo's glorious list a bit easier.

Homing Pigeons & Falconry
As much as I like the convenience of using "N" to find heroes, I'd prefer for that (frankly magical omniscience) to be restricted by something a little more immersive, and economical. So you'd need to either talk to an NPC that you have + relations with and that's in the same faction as the one whom you desire to know about (similar to the ole WB way), or be in a fief to use "N' for free or a smallish fee if you don't have a + relation with the fiefs owner, to cover the cost to hire a scribe and send a homing pigeon on a potentially dangerous (but really fast, hopefully almost instant) mission; that would notify you after you click on the highlighted "Last seen near ..." text. Relatively expensive pigeon postmen NPCs could be hired at a "Pigeon Post Office" in a town near the keep (castles and villages would have too small of "offices" to support a hiring station), if you wanted to be able to send pigeons on the road. Pigeons could die on their journey and have their message intercepted if there's a party with a falconer in range of its path, so each settlement would have their own stock of pigeons. (Companions should also be able to be sent on messenger missions as well, provided you have a "paper", a "quill & ink" and high enough intelligence; maybe there could also be a quest or rare item/small machine your alchemist could work on to develop a secret code that couldn't be deciphered by enemies?)

Most "locate hero" messages will get ignored by falconers, unless their party is at war with both the fief/faction from where it came from and where it's headed to. Other messages that could (possibly?) be sent are: love letters, death threats, war declarations, siege/defense, troop hiring/leveling and move/patrol orders for vassals/companions, enemy army positions and compositions so you can warn friendly heroes/fiefs of an incoming siege and to send recipes/orders back to your alchemists (as outlined in my previous post). I'd also love to see the NPC AI able to use this system to conduct their fief succession and policy voting, and their army assembly orders; so as to add opportunities for espionage and even voter fraud(? They'd need advanced seal forgeries made, and high roguery and/or charm? Maybe something to patch into willholton1's Better Brigands idea?) for cunning commanders with a falconer (which would only boost the parties scouting and tactics). Falconers would be hire-able in the odd tavern for a considerable fee and the rare village where you'd have to find and assist one with killing (or routing?) the parents while they collect the egg. Maybe this idea could be incorporated into Guedez' Noncombat Troops -Concept?

Advanced Battle Simulation & More Tactical Naval Combat
I first thought of this for use primarily with naval combat, because I felt dissatisfied with the lack of variety/strategy when boarding in VC (and I forgot you could move the ships in Napoleonic Wars!) but I imagine it could be useful for the larger battles as well by providing a little more control; like how Civilization, Endless Legend or Auto Chess games handle combat. First you'd setup your formations, either before hand in "camp" (if they bring that back) or in a pre-battle deployment phase like in PBOD for WB. Hopefully there's a way to retain the original "Attack" battle scene as well as the simpler/faster "Send Troops" simulation while making a new option (for parties with high enough tactics) called something like "Command Troops" that would open the battle scene with an overhead RTS type camera angle and primitive (with fog of war, weather effects and terrain) mini-map with speed controls and an "Intervene" button which would get rid of the mini-map and return you to the standard attack camera angle; so there'd probably have to be a key devoted to this mode/scene accessible from "Attack" mode as well and I'm not sure about letting the computer control the player.

Before the boarding order and/or phase of water battles, ships would be set on a loosely changeable course via the move order, and the arrow keys as they are in NW by positioning your player at the helm (provided they're "trained"). It would be spectacular if a ships health could be divided into two main hitbox sections: the stronger or more "structural" keel, hull and deck, and the weaker but more critical "control components" such as the mast, rudder, rigging, sails &/or oars. Ships with structural health at less than 60% would need repairs to be made at a port, generic patch kits could be made by shipwrights and engineers at "camp" (80% without a hulk/barge in fleet) to bring it up to 90-95% (depending on party engineering). Control components with health greater than 40% (before the main mast or rudder breaks) could be completely repaired at sea with a hulk/barge (90-95% without) ship-type specific kits could be bought at port or made out of the appropriate materials by a hired shipwright (or engineer with training?). Ships with completely destroyed control components could be towed by another ship with a rope if most of the structure is intact. Various types of real world (before the 16th century) equivalent (obviously names are just placeholders at this point) ships could be hired at different ports:

  • Cogs - The most common vessel found on the water, mostly used by Vlandia, and the Western Empire. Fast in the open sea but less maneuverable and slower than galleys and longships in rivers, and at setting up sieges against ports because they have to move their soldiers on shore with a tiny oared dinghy; though they could be upgraded with a single fore/aft castle and/or single cannon/catapult.
  • Galleys - The most common vessel in the Southern Empire and Aserai armadas, slow at sea but fast in rivers, highly maneuverable and slightly amphibious but has lower sides than Cogs so not as good at boarding them but much faster at sieges. Could be upgraded with a ram that could be deadly at hitting and running against larger vessels caught upriver (or upwind? I read that weather effects are possible).
  • Hulks/Barges - Very rarely seen at sea (only in the largest armadas where they could be used as mobile "control components" repair and minor "structural" patching bays), mostly they are just at the Northern Empire and Khuzait lake ports and floating down rivers where they're used for ferrying large armies, pre-built siege equipment and mass amounts of cargo because they'll have the largest carrying/crew capacities (this should be combined into one single "weight" capacity [yes units would have to be weighed somehow] with a minimum operating crew requirement) and the highest structural health. Probably have to change the map a bit to make these worthwhile though, I have a great story about how the inland seas "straight of Gibraltar" is opened by a mad alchemist who rediscovers Calradic Fire near the end of the "Medieval Warm Period"; but I'll save you from that block of text for my own thread whenever I find the time to write it out.
  • Longships - The most common vessel used by the Sturgians and sometimes the odd Battanian hero or mercenary group. Slightly more maneuverable but a little slower than galleys, the fastest at amphibious sieges(and the only large ship capable of portaging, to get around waterfalls and into other river systems; would require some hardwood, oil and rope). Could be upgraded with a very expensive dragon-shaped bow that spits fire.
  • Brigantines - Used primarily by pirates, available for purchase from some of the shadier shipwrights (if you have a + relationship from hiring them for repairs, buying ships from, or doing quests for). Very similar to the galley but faster at sea because of the double masts and a smaller weight capacity.
  • Caravels - The smallest and weakest ships (aside from the craft-able rafts you could make at a shore camp and the oared dinghy's that villagers would use and that you could buy at the odd village on a river) found mostly around the Aserai and inland sea ports, faster but not as maneuverable as galleys. Used mostly by town fishermen, prosperous villagers, small caravans and sometimes in large armadas to assist with transporting troops for sieges.
  • Carracks - These are the highest tier ocean going vessels available, they are the floating fortresses; with castles fore and aft which leave plenty of room for two siege weapons, soldiers and crew. They'd be so prestige that only faction rulers would be able order them, and they'd take nearly a month (maybe there's an endgame Venetian style arsenal port upgrade that could reduce it to less than a week) and 150K+(?) to build.
  • Fireships - A specialty attack ship that would need to be accompanied by a smaller ship so the crew could escape or be towed by another ship, relatively cheap to make because engineers or shipwrights you have hired can make them anywhere on shore or on a Hulk with tools, rope and enough hardwood, or by loading salvageable ships at sea with some hardwood, sailcloth and/or other flammable substances. A ranged unit or siege weapon with the right ammo would need to be in range for the order to light the ship to be a success, and a pinned (by another ships ram, or stuck on a rock?) or not very maneuverable (or blinded by smoke, or fog?) ship as a target for it to be a complete and utterly devastating triumph.
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Chaos in Calradia - Indirect Multiplayer

I know that there was a mod in Warband for being able to join a host as a companion, but what if you never interacted with the host directly at all, but instead helped resolve some of the battles further away from the host? Every time a battle is started between two overworld entities, it would create a Custom Battle Lobby that can be joined and played out according to the troop numbers and available units. I'm not sure how flexible the code for it is, but this method of battle resolution wouldn't depend on the host's game speed, so long as it marks any battle being resolved by another user as one the host cannot interact with. Of course, to prevent stall-outs, there would be time limits instated from the point the battle starts in the host's game before the lobby is closed, as well as another time limit for the battle itself.

The first use-case I saw for this was to be able to play along with a streamer or friend, influencing subtly the battles across Calradia The more users, the more chaos. Perhaps after further development of this mod, you could limit certain users to play only as their assigned kingdoms to prevent throwing matches and allowing a more organic experience.
Bannerlord with Warband Geography (ish). Instead of Bannerlords totally new and, for all of us who played Warband, strange and unknown map, this mod would have the old one with some differences such as name variations to give the player to be 200 years back in the game lore time, for an example Praven could be Prafen etc.
. Reworked fief/recruitment system:
This mod would be quite a large mod which would try to rework both the village system, the troop recruitment system, and potentially more. This recruitment system would be based on the Anno Domini Lance recruitment system. Each notable provides a certain number of troops yearly (some fiefs have more notables than others) which than go into a garrison. At the start of each year or at the acquisition of a fief a lord or player gets a certain number of troops in a garrison type menu/garrison in their "village" (In this it is a group of villages not a single one each notable represents owning a village). They can do with these men as they please, leave them in the settlement, have them act as a milita, set them to runaway if the place is raided, take them into their party etc. However they will not get more until the next year so players have to be smarter about how they use their men. Additionally players do not have to pay wages to the troops in the garrison and they get to use their troops for fourty days for free.

. Village notables change:
The notables change to being either a Priest, a knight/equivalent, the owner of a productive enterprise (mines, stud farm, etc), or a Headman.

. Headmen supply 10-50 recruits to a lord yearly based on the size/prosperity of the settlement
. Priests pay a higher tax than other notables (Scutage) which can be spent on mercenaries
. Owners of Productive enterprises will generally supply tier 10-30 tier 2 units a year
. Knights provide themselves (as persistent companions), 1-3 squires, 0-20 peasants

. Headmen supply 5-30 gold (5,000-30,000 coppers) a year paid on a certain date
. Priests pay 10-40 gold (10,000-40,000) a year paid on a certain date
. Knights do not make payments
. Owner of productive enterprises will pay 10-35 gold (10,000-30,000 coppers) a year on a certain date

Relations and Social functions:
. Knights function like companions and can be appointed as marshal
. Priests can be appointed to be Steward/Chancellor/Treasurer and become part of the travelling court
. Headmen cannot be appointed and do not serve as companions
. Owners of productive enterprises can be appointed Treasurer and become part of the travelling court

Ignore the part about court that was supposed to be connected with another mod idea I have. I am trying to have these mods created so I can use them in my mod pack Realism and Immersion.


Not sure if this will be possible with or without modding tools. I was hoping to see tournies that have different events including a joust. Less free for alls and more one on ones. Have an archer competition etc etc. The joust would work where you spawn in on an opposite side, divided by a fence, and score is calculate on where you hit the opponent. Goal is to either knock the opponent off horse or win by points.


Suggestion: Pugilism

So, Bannerlord's fist fighting is much better than in the previous titles, and I think it could use some love.
A fist fighting arena, which would work like tournaments. allowing only 1v1 combat would fit that, the rewards being mostly money and/or relation gained with people who bet on you. This system could work as an addition to the criminal system we got in Bannerlord. And could serve as yet another way to up your relations with gang members, merchants etc, just the notables. Or just make it a casual, ancient greek era beat down where every contestant is naked.

EDIT: Also to spice up the fist even more, let us shove/push people using the block+kick combination while unarmed.


I just want a mod that removes character creation options in favour of letting the player have complete freedom in allocating stats and attributes to their play-style. I always hated these options in every iteration of warband I ever played.

I imagine it would be simply a case of finding which file the starting bonuses are added to the player, reducing those to 0, then finding where the base unspent skills/attributes are pumping those up to an equivalent amount. (for example right now you always have 1 unspent skill-point when you start).

The biggest barrier to making mods in taleworld games for me is finding the right bloody file to begin with, for some reason the naming conventions are way more obtuse, I could usually eventually find whatever I wanted to edit in total war due to more common sense naming of db entries.

Additonally it might be nice if this unalloacted skills/attributes at level 1 was also the same for companions, so you had complete control over their perks and could pick them based on asthetics/roleplay rather than preallocated/randomly-generated function.


I always liked the persistent troop identities mod for warband, giving each troop a name and persistent appearance meant you noticed soldiers that had been with you a while, especially early game when you have a smaller party, it also had a screen telling you how many kills they had got and if they died it told you how.

Something like that is way beyond my own abilities to program though...
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For me the two handed swords are too short and small, to fix it and ad some game play create a smithing tool that works in game in the smithing screen make it possible to increase the length and width of parts even further and also you can unlock parts buy spending money ,by increasing the size you need more strength ,so as you ad parts and change the sizes it should constantly show you the strength that you will need to weald it that way you never make a sword too big that you cant use after wards.


I know there is a mod in development on the Ancient Rome (Mount & Gladius 2) but it will not include legionnaires with the lorica segmentata. 😔 It is set in the late empire. But image how these soldiers would look with the potential of Bannerlord... a successor of Bellum Imperii would be the definitive roman mod!

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Not sure if this will be possible with or without modding tools. I was hoping to see tournies that have different events including a joust. Less free for alls and more one on ones. Have an archer competition etc etc. The joust would work where you spawn in on an opposite side, divided by a fence, and score is calculate on where you hit the opponent. Goal is to either knock the opponent off horse or win by points.

This is needed so badly. In the practice fights the only role of ranged weapons is to spoil the fight for everyone. You never have enough ammo to win the fight with them, sure you can scrounge for some but you will most likely get insta gibed by a stealth spawned javelin thrower when you go to pick it up. I can't count the number of times one of my kills was stolen by an archer from the other end of the imperial arena. Even when using ranged weapons myself I always feel like the dirtiest scrub, just stealing kills. I was just thinking of splitting the practice fights into 'melee' and 'ranged' but a 'joust' would be very welcome as well.

Just to be clear, I don't have a problem with mixed load outs in tournaments, because everyone is spawned at the beginning you know what to expect and can act accordingly and can bring a bit of spice to the event. Practice fights though.... they NEED to be split in to at least a 'melee' and 'ranged'.


Republics/Constitutional Monarchies:

Actually you can vote policies for the kingdom, but the voters are only the Lords and using certain policies you can represents several commons.

What i purpose is to create a system for wich you can divide the political branch, from the military branch. Basically you shall have characters wich are politicians and stay in towns and have the right to vote and generals wich have not the right to vote (you shall be able to switch this throught policies making also generals vote.)
Politicians will need to boost their relationship within the commons in the towns (actually you have artisans, merchants and gangs, in a modern mod you can have labour unions, capitalists, mafia) to get more influence to purpose laws. With different policies you can take out veto power from the monarch/president.

If one day we will have a Red Wars mods, you can add different mechanics for communist/socialist ( wich will count just over labour unions for example or will not allow the vote, or will allow referendums with different policies) and fascist ( wiich will count more on military, capitalists and no vote at all).
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