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Crusaders: Way To Expiation - Bannerlord mod

I glad to announce a continuation of the development of CWE modification, which was developed for Warband Engine.
The main goal is to convey not the complete historicity, but the atmosphere and events of that epoch.

This mod occupies time periods between 1180 A.D and Fourth (1202-1204) Crusades. It starts at 1180 and lasts till 1205.
Like warriors of that war, you must choose who will you fight with and who will eventually take control over the Holy lands during the Crusades!

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/9dg7J73JB8

Initial Kingdoms:

Kingdom of Jerusalem
Kingdom of Cilician Armenia
Ayyubid Sultanate
Seljuk Sultanate
Principality of Antioch
County of Tripoli
Georgian Kingdom
Bulgarian Kingdom
Byzantine Empire

Initial Orders:

Order of Templars
Order of Hospitallers
Order of Mountjoy
Order of the Holy Sepulchre
Order of Saint Lazarus

Initial planned Features:

- Remake old CWE resources to PBR.
- Map of the area, x2 size of native distances.
- A large variety of troops - troop trees of kingdoms and orders (tampliers, hospitallers and).
- Orders foundation.
- New bandits and related mechanics.
- Minor factions as assasins, and desert tribes.
- New cloth, weapons, armor and horses, related to the epoch.
- Hidden and quest locations.
- Additional weather system.
- Town become alive , more lively locations, With quest systems and adventures.
- Unique scenes for some towns. Some towns will be really big.
- Architecture, including unique and, most of all, historical buildings.
- Scenes for the custom battles, maybe also have historical battles .
- Reworked management of your fiefs.
- Quest System. Complete the path from an unknown and poor adventurer to a glorious knight. Explore hidden places, seek for the religious items, prevent the assassination or commit them yourself, and etc.
- Maybe Scripted battles.
- New types of NPC.
- New heroes that will appeal during your adventures.
- Sea travel and sea battles.
- Water as a very important resource (like food).
- Arriving new troops/orders/factions from Europe.
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Who could expect that? Good luck! CWE was very ambitious in Warband, hopefully its development will be brought to an end in Bannerlord.


Changes of vanilla version are present for bannerlord, one of the most astonishing surely Bannerlord Online, but still not a real new scenario (playable) with factly 'own' gameplay... here a historical topic.
Like above written... ''Best of Luck''


I was waiting for a mod announcement with this theme. Sounds great so far! If you need texturing, I can help out.


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