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[Requested feature: Charachtervalue for birth-right]

Birth-right, right to rule, level of nobility.... Call it whatever you want :smile:

Nobles are born into this world(and Caradia) with a place to fill and a purpuse - to rule or follow. Or both.

I´d like a charachter-value - hidden or shown in encyclepedia, between 1 and 5. 5 means they are very suitable to rule the clan, 1 means they are very far from having ruler- bloodline.

This value is the base when AI decides who is the next clan-leader and who is the next king. A single highest birth-right AI clan-member is undisputed heir.

The kingdom can have rules for resolving ties. Like age, gender etc.

Children of clan-leader is born with, 4-5 depending on how many they are.

Children of a clanmember is born with 2-4 depending on their parents line of succession.

Marrying into a new clan resets the value to 1. They can succed the clan but not before anyone born into the clan.

This opens up of adding more charachters into the game, like
  • AI can spawn a spouse when really needed.
  • Introduction of bastards and adoption.
  • Clan feuds - 2 tied charachters compeeting over inheritance.
  • Civil War, pretenders, instability...
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