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Basically, i'm starting to make a mod and i want to make a world much bigger then vanilla, but after getting some crashs with my new 1000x2000 campaign map size (now fixed after reducing mapDensity) i started to wonder how many town, lords, villages the game can handle, i plan to add around 100 towns, and scale the amount of villages and castles, have anyone ever done or seen a world of this size? do you think it can run properly?
I am not a specialist, but I guess that a world map with too many vertices will crash the game if the engine runs out of memory. Probably there is no imposed limit of towns/ castles/ villages/ lords/ others, but it may be that the more of them, the worse performance a player will experience. The above-listed locations/ people are parties, some of which are static (places) or dynamic (warbands).
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For a discussion about the largest possible world map see this row of posts here, there are different nitbits which you need to watch out for:

There is a hard limit of 65536 vertices per mesh (source cmpxchg8b, here and here), the game map uses several meshes, up to 8x8 (depending on map size) per terrain type. Map icons are completely separate meshes (source cmpxchg8b, here).
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