WB [Bientôt] VF de A World of Ice and Fire (AWOIAF) 8.0

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Produno m'a contacté, il devrait intégrer ma VF dans la prochaine version 8.0... bêta pour les bêta testeurs.
Quant à la version officielle, dans deux ou trois semaines, peut-être...


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Bon, on va arrêter d'attendre la 8.0, elle n'est pas près de sortir. Pour ceux qui ne suivent pas le Discord de ce mod, voici le contenu (en anglais, désolé, mettez ça dans DeepL si nécessaire) d'un message écrit ce soir par Fallen Lord, celui qui paie (littéralement) Produno pour qu'il travaille sur ce mod :

We are still working on getting more content done which will make 8.0 more balanced, more in-depth, and polished. Lots of bugs are being squashed and have been squashed. There has been optimization preformed and unused assets removed.
Produno and I want version 8.0 to be the most epic release ever and in-line with both of our visions.
Produno has a busy life too and works a full time job. He also worked on his own game. He got a Mrs to satisfy too. He is a wanted man. I am busy too. I have an empire to run, kids, and love pursuing beautiful women. We all got our vices and virtues lol. No judgment. I am what I am and that is public knowledge.
I am going to send Produno some more dialogue and additions this weeks for 8.0. After that things should be done on my end with the ball in Produno’s court from there. Produno is the main man and he is the one that runs things and makes the magic truly happen. Produno is planning on working on version 8.0 today and on Thursday this week. Near the end of October Produno has about 2 months off from work too which should allow for more mod development and work on his own game too. You can see that the ChangeLog for version 8.0 does continue to grow.
Produno and I will very likely continue to stay in close communication though until 8.0 is released and the in-game contests are complete. Then we will probably take a little break from each other and then communications return to more frequent per usual later. Ideally, we plan to have two in-game cash contests sponsored solely by me. We are keeping this under wraps of what it will entail and how exactly we will have it done. We already know and all is planned but we want to make the contests fair and add to their drama and their anticipation lol.
8.0 will be released eventually and it will be well worth it! I promise you that! I don’t know the exact date and the dates does get pushed back the more we decide to keep adding, optimizing, and balancing.
The release will be announced when it occurs, until that time asking about it on a daily basis does not make the release come any sooner. I want it to come out soon too. Produno as well. But we would much rather it be the version and vision that we want and you guys deserve! Something we can ALL be proud of!!! Have faith my comrades…

Autrement dit, la version 8.0 ne sortira pas dans les semaines qui viennent et si ça sort avant la fin de l'année, ça sera déjà bien. Sans compter que puisqu'il dit vouloir ajouter des dialogues supplémentaires ces prochaines semaines, je vais devoir surveiller ça de près pour traduire les nouveautés.

C'est la vie ! :confused:
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