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Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Taleworlds!
I'm making this thread to inform you of a new competitive event in the Warband scene. Even though it is not Native, I believe a lot of you here are familiar with Star Wars: Bear Force II as a mod or myself as a somewhat appearing Native player.

For the first time in Bear Force II history, we're hosting an official tournament - the Bear Force II League. It's time to start a tradition in Bear Force in the sense of competitive tournaments and happenings. In these times of the year, the community will place their best men forward in a very challenging, and therefore very interesting and intense championship.

Tournament format(Summary):
  • A league lasting 10 weeks
  • Opponents chosen in a pick night style manner similar to WPL
  • 6v6 matches
  • No Jedi, ranged classes only
  • 7 open and 7 closed maps
The tournament will start on Monday, 16th January 2017. You are all free to apply your potential team or yourself as an individual player looking for a team, read the rules and find out more here.

Signed up teams
1. 501st Clone Troopers Legion EU
2. 501st Clone Troopers Legion NA
3. 172nd Assault Legion EU
4. 172nd Assault Legion NA
5. 1st Stormtrooper Corps NA
6. 771st Sky Troopers Battalion NA
7. RA22nd Infantry Division EU
8. RA22nd Infantry Division NA
9. Horn Company NA
10. 38th Mechanised Infantry Division EU

I'd like to thank the administration of WPL2 for allowing us to base of most of the framework and rules as well as the ladder format.
Thanks for reading

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I'm thinking of setting up a Jedi Duel tournament later, but I'm not sure if there'd be enough interest from the Native community to fill the tournament :razz:
Yay, good luck  :party:
How many people do you need for a duel tournament? I'm sure you could find a lot of duelists within the BF community.
but why no jedi?
native mechanics melee and BF  is different. Very different. Jedi is big part of your mod
few people can play well as Jedi. It's balanced
players should learn to play jedi for good realisation on match... and it good btw
This league is made for the competitive, clan part of the community.
We've expanded the shooting in the mod to a proper FPS level, with lots of different types of rifles, pistols and so forth. We want it to be an FPS-style tournament which is what makes it different from anything else in Warband, utilizing infantry, jets, snipers, heavy troopers et cetera.

Vraelomon said:
Yay, good luck  :party:
How many people do you need for a duel tournament? I'm sure you could find a lot of duelists within the BF community.
Oh I'm sure there'd be at least 20-30 renowned Jedi from the mod. I think it'd be all the richer if renowned duelists from other mods would compete though.
We held a few practice matches to see if the format is any good and most of all interesting.
I can confirm it's very intense with all the possible class combinations, weapons and little 'gadgets' in the mod  :smile:
Not true! The most populated servers are generally New Sith Wars, or the 501stCTL, which are both EU.

It does also depend on the time of day.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce the start of the Bear Force League.

14 competitive teams in total have signed up, however we're expecting two more this evening to fill up an 8th pair. The first matches for this week are as follows:


CIS vs Rebel Alliance​
Republic vs Empire​

172nd EU
38th MI

1stSC NA
172nd NA

Horn Company
Red Army
RA22nd NA
501st NA
RA22nd EU
501st EU
The High Meme Council

I wish everyone good luck and lots of fun in their matches.

Furthermore, we've managed to get four servers sponsored by Quantum Impulse Gaming. Three in Europe and two in North America, and we're currently looking for anyone who would be able to help us acquire at least another North American server.


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