EU Skirmish Open [BFC] Bannerlord Freedom Cup

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Welcome, forum warriors!

I would like to announce the first Bannerlord Skirmish Limit Less Tournament in EU. As you may know for 3 years "competetive" tournaments were played with cav&archer class limits, we decided to make a step forwards and after hosting a very successful Bannerlord Native League 2 we are back to host BFC where there will be no restrictions on what class you can play. You want to play 5 cav? or maybe 6 archers? Go for it!

Tournament porpouse is to test if lifting limits is possible in the future and hopefully to provide our beloved developers with data they could possibly use for balancing units))

Some important informations:
1. sign-ups end on 28th of May,
2. it is a side tournament to BNL - skirmish,
3. tournmament will take around 4 weeks, format will be decided on the amount of teams
4. we are using discord and only discord,
5. there will be custom maps made by players.

BNL administration.​
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