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Cant decide - either team could take it and actually I want each of them to win.

I want to put all on it going to Winterburg ^^
RN_Pendragon said:
Turkey 10-5 BeNe     $ 13.842





Master Knight
Balances are updated, congratulations to Pendragon for his decisive win!

Thanks everyone for playing, hope it was a fun little thread.


French Toast
You've been doing an amazing job with this Betting Corner Sjaeles, thanks for it and I hope everyone enjoyed your work as much as I did.

Congratz to Pendragon, the money is yours mate ; )
Wow guys, thanks to SJ, thanks to everyone who worked for this betting corner, thanks for bettings opposite of Turkey and giving me that money.  :fruity:  :mrgreen:

Keller said:
Don't bet on BeNe guys... They always end up second, I thought that you all had understood this  :facepalm:

How's it looking like now, Keller  :wink:
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