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Sergeant Knight
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If you keep betting on us, we'll certainly loose... People don't bet on us usually  :shock:


French Toast
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Tardet said:
I have the regret to inform you that due to several members of the french team not willing to make any sort of efforts in order to prepare and play the bronze match, France is giving a default win to the United Kingdom.

We figured out that If it wasn't possible to attend the match with our A team, there was more or less no reason trying to play a sham of a match which would turn into a 12-0 slaugther; making it an overall waste of time for both of a team.

We apologize to the admin team for not being able to complete our last match, that's indeed disappointing but I would like to make sure everyone understand that they were players willing to train and play the bronze match and got penalized because of a few individuals.

Best of luck to Turkey and BeNe for their match. This message is written on behalf of the captain of the french team, Paulo.
Change your money asap guys :wink: