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I think we could have better visuals when operating in the inventory. For example, when I select a helmet, I would like to see the character in a close-up. This would allow me to see/appreciate the features of what I am wearing. Similarly, when I change boots, I would like to see a close-up of my boots. I don't know if it makes sense. A zoom option could solve this, I believe.
Agreed, something like this shouldn't be too difficult to add. Most modern games have a close up view when equipping/testing a gear piece of a certain body part.
I suggest adding one manual option to close up item viewer (with rotation, zoom...) and other automatic close up to the body part only when equipping a new item (with rotation, zoom...).
I this should apply not only to human characters but also to mounts and boats, for example.
Some references:

Maybe @emrozdemir can take a look into this :iamamoron:
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