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I find the tournaments quite sterile and boring when it comes to the match ups, sure it gives multi groups, cultures, etc... But, with the new system it would be nice to have those old Warband free for all mass-mounted combat arenas and with the new system that can handle larger numbers, it would be great to see larger groups go at it. Real arena combat, not what I have been facing everywhere I go: 2v2v2v2..... Or 4v4v4v4... It would be a lot of fun to have arenas throw groups of 10-20 at each other once in a while to shake things up so it feels less like private duels where the slip of 1 AI teamate spells your doom and instead introduce a truly wild melee factor.

1. LARGE groups instead of tiny groups, maybe 10 or 20v20 (how about a real nut cruncher battle of 40vs40? As Khergits whaling away at each other with bows!)
2. Bring back the "you did well so despite your team losing horribly, you move on." (if this exists I have yet to see it despite getting 4-5 "kills" in a tournament)
3. More mounted combat, the arena just feels pathetic when you have one or max two horsemen riding around per "team" of four or five. Lets have the old Swadian "everyone gets a lance! Have at thee!" back again. It was great seeing a wall of lancers coming at you despite the AI pathing being so bad they all just balled up in a corner.
4. Less of the "the AI on your teams sucks horribly so we punish you for it despite doing better than two other groups combined" and bring back the Warband system of "your team sucked but you nailed 5 others so your worthy, onward contestant!"
5. It would be nice to receive $$$ for winning instead of always some random junk item that you have to pawn off. Lets just skip the middle man and give a cash reward or item instead of always items.

There is probably a great deal more that could spice up tournaments but they are just so dang bland right now.
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