Better system for awarding fiefs needed

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Currently, when running your own kingdom, it becomes quite a mess when you start expanding territory.

This is because the current election system allows only 3 clans to bid for the conquered fief with no real rhyme or reason as to who wants it. Even as ruler there is no real override or way to claim it for yourself in order to gift it to who you specifically want.

When assigning castles and towns doesnt it make more sense to be able to cluster together a clans holdings so that all their "stuff" is in one general area, and presumably (hopefully) better defended by them?

So, I think the bidding system needs to factor in a fiefs proximity with the clans current holdings. If Clan X already has a town, and a fief directly adjacent to it goes to bid, they should really "want" it.

We also need an option as ruler to always claim the fief ourselves, essentially overriding all the bids, so that we can gift it to the appropriate clan. Or keep it for ourselves... since with the current system it is impossible to expand your own holdings once you have 3 or more clans allied with you.


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I think the king should nominate 3 candidates, following faction-unique policy-driven rules/guidelines. Up to 2 on them, the king can replace with influence. They can cost or award the king relation. Replaced clans are upset. opten in clans are quite happy. The others supports friends that are opted in or out. Then there is a vote as normal.
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