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I'd love to see some armor pieces, especially those based around a mail shirt/hauberk, get some extra elements added to them. A lot of medium and high-tier armors from some cultures, such as the Sturgians, look extremely bland (the misnamed "Decorated Hauberk" probably being the best example of that), while some items with similar or inferior stats look way more interesting.
Which leads me to my second point (they're related): Sturgian neck pieces need variety. A lot of Sturgian Nobles just wear Thick Scarves and Heavy Cloaks, instead of anything that's actually protective. It would be nice to have those same fashion items over armor, such as shoulder pads/guards (like the Mail or Scaled Shoulder guard), or a a shawl over (or clasped under) something like the Lamellar Pauldrons. That would make them look like they're protected both from the frigid winds and an enemy's attacks. Of course, some fur-lined cloaks, capes, and shawls also wouldn't hurt (I always did find strange that they produce so much fur, yet wear so little of it).

And I apologize if this isn't the right 'place' to be posting these, I just couldn't find one that seemed more appropriate.
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