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Hope I am not alone in wishing for a more detailed marriage scenario in a future update?
The mechanic of having children and growing old and then passing on your "game inheritance" to a son or daughter is one of the aspects of this game I was and am really excited for. I just hope that more dialogue options between spouses will be added in future for immersion sake.
Some things I like to see for example:
Having a dialogue about naming the child, there is no conversation at all right now during or after pregnancy to even acknowledge that your wife just bore a daughter or son and how are they doing?
I think it would be great for immersion sake to have some sort of interaction that acknowledges that you just had a child together.
I don't expect we will see cutscenes like those in the Witcher for example from this developer and I get that marriage in the times and cultures portrayed had little to do with romance, but some sort of interaction of affection in dialogue at least would be great although I would welcome something to indicate intimacy to make the whole thing less mechanical. My wife calls me "your lordship" for pities sake after I declared independence!

The second aspect is the ability to consult with your spouse on major decisions, as for example leaving her dads kingdom to start your own, is she supportive and has your back? Decision making around your fiefs and Lords, would be great to get your spouses input on that, and then of course making decisions on who your kids should marry.
All that could be implemented in a dialogue with various options and consequences similar to the political voting system.
Right now I cannot talk to my wife about anything at all, how about a scene where she is the one telling me she is pregnant again instead of a pop up banner?
I know there are or were plans to implement at least a wedding scene like we had already in Warband and that is welcome, but I hope that a bit more can be added to the couples interaction in general since the whole thing about having kids and them growing up and joining you is such a core feature of the game.
What do you all think on the topic?



100% support in this. I even spent a long time writing up my own ideas on this. I expect that the devs will develop relationship interactions further as EA progresses, but I certainly want more than what we have now and more than what we had in Warband now that posterity is (supposedly) going to be a major gameplay feature. With how many of the "marriage and family life" suggestions that are popping up in the forums, the Devs should be taking notice (or at least community managers who then pass the ideas to the devs).

Prison Mike

TRUTH!i believe that in the future we will have something better, i mean there is an option to talk to most npcs, but right now its empty, you cant engage with anybody outside the main story missions and the quest. Im sure we will get a major interaction update in the future, but i feel your frustration with the whole wife issue. getting good relations with her is a pain and other than asking her if she wants to play another board game you have no way to interact with her. its awful.


Yes I have to keep reminding myself it is an early access game, I just hope they will come up with some good implementation on what we are hoping for.
The other thing I noticed is that my relationship with her dropped to 0 after marriage, (kind of like real life LOL) as well as the other family members. It seems all your family is set to 0 and when she joins it happens to her too, which I guess to mean family does not matter?
In Warband I am pretty sure your actions mattered to raise your spouses like and dislike. I think that would be realistic to have as an indicator of whether she or he supports your decision, especially if you are breaking with the faction she is from, if her disposition to you is not high enough she may even leave you?
In warband I used a mod called Diplomacy which added many cool features that would be great to have. It allowed you also to assign your spouse tasks and talk to her about how to advance your kingdom and which lords she thought you ought to talk to, that could be expanded on here.
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