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Hey everyone, so i've played bannerlord multiplayer quite awhile now and i feel like it has been stopped from development ( still 3 maps per tdm, still glitches in every map, no new unlockables since last major patch i reckon etc)
If the game still has any development i hope they will enhance the multiplayer character customization by upgrading the banner creation, i suggest adding an option to pick your own banner colour and insignia or emblem, so in multiplayer matches you could see for example all players under Vlandia but soldiers in different colour garments and unique banners that are visible on every shield.
Since i played alot of singleplayer i had noticed that multiplayer customization for classes is lacking because there is lot more variety for singleplayer factions than in multiplayer, Khuzait rabble still only has choice between 2 body armour(1free) and 3 hats(1 free) while in singleplayer Khuzait factions seems to have least dozen hats for choice.
I also hope Bannerlord keeps up the development and adds an option for achievement unlockable customizable fashion, for example - kill 1000 enemy players as Battania oathsworn = unlock hat thats non purchasable, kill 1000 as Empire archer unlock another piece of armor etc
I believe such small changes will not impact the gameplay overall but will add more gameplay hours for players who are trying to get all unlockables.

Cheers to all!
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