Better Blood effect suggestions.

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*Level of blood need to change acoroding to the force of hit.

*In Bannerlord; blood is like spray and its does not fall to the ground (yes there's blood decal in the ground but particles is falling a bit and they make big decal blood texture on the ground) most of the blood is lost in the air and few fall to the ground. So it's unrealistic. This is need to some improve for blood physics.

*Blood particles is only particles. The bleeding should suitable to physics; for example: a fast horse, attacks to enemy with sword. The direction of blood is need attackkers front. Because of thrust.

*Blood particles are looking like smoke. the distance between particle pieces should be increased, and the size of particle pieces should be bigger.

*blood should be able to splash to walls and other objects. not just to the ground and to people

*When you kill an enemy in the game, you cannot feel that you have broken his bones, or smashed his organs, because they are not in the bannerlord. (yes,"his" because there is no women in bannerlord battles)

*smaller blood particles and metal noises may emerge instead of particle blood when metal armors are hit
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