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Beta-Test: 1.6

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I've decided to make the alpha / beta stages public.  Guess we'll just have to see what transpires :smile:


Well, this should be interesting.  I've been using version 1.251 for awhile now (I found your mod through some obscure reference and I ended up at the link for 1.251, I shoulda backed up and checked the forum.), I was just starting to get bored from sitting in my castle on Mommy diffculty as a Peasant Revolutionary, with about 12000 Death Knights having a lovely little picnic in my backyard.  There's always some idiot running around in the area that they take a liking to and they won't bloody go away!  But anyway, I say this should be interesting since I don't even knw if this'll run or not!  I have a rather irritating situation where I'm stuck with playing a ported version of Warband on a Mac.(Surprisingly, it actually works with mods.  Unsurprisingly, it crashes a lot.)  A decent, if two years old Mac.  Commence the crashing and the frustration!!!! 


eh. remind me again whats in the new version? haven't been doing any M&B for some time, spent my time doing team fortress.


I installed and when I load up the mod, the "Start New Game" option is greyed out.  Is that intended in the alpha/beta?  Or did I do something wrong.


I've been turning over the Aleph tweaks in my mind.  I love them -- they are a signature part of this mod -- but there seem to be two problems that want resolution.

The first problem is the ability of players to exploit the limited flexibility of the AI to react to intelligent use of a player-controlled Aleph.

The second problem is the crushing firepower of massed Alephs in a marshal's kingdom army.

I'm really unhappy with the staggering cost of getting and using an Aleph in 1.6 -- quite frankly, I no longer use Marnid at all.  Top tier troops are more effective for the money.

Some private testing (I added gold to an exported character to test this) showed really encouraging results solving problems 1 & 2 by simply reducing the rate of fire of the Aleph cannon to 30.  It makes them less of a game-breaking, tactics-killing tool while not changing the basic functionality and usage.  I feel like a slower rate of fire would lessen the need to make them so expensive to use in order to balance them.

Just my two cents  :oops:


I think you should remove the "male" modifier thing on some of the armors. Some like, the vaegirs bronze and steel armors can be, but some (Forgotten exactly which ones), like coat of plates etc. should be neutral. I haven't come across having to force anyone to wear a different gender armor yet (As the problem mostly occurs when you need to equip females with very heavy, e.g plate armor). That said, i'll still try to force on a green dress on Borcha sometime.


Xeno's notoriously iffy about when his new releases go through. I think the longest we've waited was... 8 months? With little to no communication during.


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Yeah, I am not exactly talkative.  I tend to do work on the mod in big chunks when I actually have free time, which has been pretty scarce lately for a variety of reasons :smile:


I'm interested in beta testing if you're still considering it ^^

intel i5-4670 haswell cpu
124 gb ssd
8 gb ram
evga gtx 760 superclocked graphics card
watercooling on everything and 5 fans = Unlimited resources can basically go on this

I also have a youtube channel I upload games on, and would be able to make a 1000-1500 man battle MOST LIKELY
(mount and blade can be touchy even with nice things)


I woudl as well:

2500k @ 4.5 ghz
7970 @ 1200/1700
8gb ddr 3- 1600
100gb ssd, 500 gb raid 0, 1tb backup

I would really like it if the equipment costs can be like older versions where you could get everything. The game is no fun without full armor and weapons..  :cry:
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