Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

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Release plans are almost complete it seems, will there be another roadmap? Or are we getting close to the finish line?
Wow, there's a lot of good stuff in here- you guys have been busy!

I'm reeeeally excited for the fog of war changes. I've never liked how omniscient my character is.
Changed the description of the Partners in Crime perk as it could be misleading.
Wtf, you were supposed to fix it not change the description to match it being broken 🙃 Okay Lol
Order of Battle Lord Assignments
- Players can now assign heroes to formation as regular troops. This allows players to create formations which only have heroes(bodyguard formations).
- Assignment system is also changed. Players can now drag and drop lords from formation slots to the hero assignment pool and vice-versa.
- We also added new Low Tier and High Tier filters to the formations.
Thank you! 👏👏👏
Fixed an issue that caused ranged units to moonwalk towards siege engines while being locked onto a distant target.
Fixed a bug that caused tracks from bandit parties to be removed immediately
Oh, this will help scouting!
Factions will not create armies if they don't have any enemy that has at least one settlement.
This is interesting, however we'll have to see how it works out with landless factions being able to make armies.
Fix or improve the AI recruitment and upgrade choices please. Party compositions for cultures like Vlandia, Battania and Strugia don't make sense. Especially Vlandian parties always go for crossbowman main parties. They almost don't even use infantry. Only the recruits are infantry but they always choose to upgrade them to crossbowmen. Also they recruit too many foreign soldiers.
This is interesting, however we'll have to see how it works out with landless factions being able to make armies.
He didn't say the faction would need a settlement to make armies, just the enemy faction they're fighting, so it probably won't make much of a difference for how the landless factions behave. This sounds like it would prevent factions that do have settlements from forming armies to fight landless factions. It could be an improvement since lots of single lord parties would be more effective at controlling small raiding parties. But if the landless factions are making armies to attack landed factions that can't make armies to fight them, then it could be a problem
Could it be that the mechanism that "discovers" other lords is currently a little bit quirky? I just started a new game and I could see the Raganvad's portrait in the party screen but the portraits of the other two parties was empty although all three parties where in the same city (Varcheg) and I could not enter the court.
Okay, the changes look really promising so far. @MArdA TaleWorlds,here'vs the first bug to report - all the NPC names with a nickname (Istiana the Knife, for example) are now missing the name for some reason, so it look like "the Knife". Works both for town notables and wanderers, so it is really easy to catch.

It may be a Russian localization problem only, gotta check it out with English one.

Also, all the alleys in towns are missing.

UPD: English version of the game has no such problem, it is a ptoblem of Russian localization only.
UPD#2: Both mentioned above problems seem to be present only in an old save. The new save has no such problems. Gotta create a bug report a bit later today with an old save attached.
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Nice patch!!
  • Alley mechanics have been redesigned and reimplemented. From now on, players will be able to claim alleys after they clear one. They can do so by assigning a clan member who has suitable traits and roguery skills.
    • Player-owned alleys will provide gold and bandit troops for the player but also generate some crime rating.
    • Alleys will be attacked by neighbouring gang leaders, and players will have to respond to those attacks in order to keep the alley.
This seems cool! In terms of players having to respond when getting attacked, do they physically have to be there, or can we place our companions there and they'll solve the issue?

How often would they attack? Would it depend on how many alleys you have, or how much crime ratings you have?
This is probably the biggest and the most impressive patch so far! I love that we need a companion that isn't merciful to take over an alley, and that we can physically see the units & the companion we assigned in the alley & the income from them is not too shabby from what I've tested (I had 120ish denars per day from Epicrotea on day 1 on a new save file, though I cheated a high roguery skill to the companion), I wonder if the income is increased through some way, be it higher roguery, trade or higher city prosperity, lower security, etc.? I would like to see this feature expanded in the future to enable us to incite rebellion in cities where we own an alley. It would open up a lot of new ways to progress the game as a criminal.

The sally-out ambush mechanic is excellent as well! I managed to defeat as much as quarter of the enemy army after destroying the siege engine and waiting for all their reinforcements to come. It's definitely very fun & tactical, and it's also really nice to be able to fight outside the city gates for once.

The new voice overs are nice I guess, the Scandinavian-ish accent is suitable for the Sturgians, though the Khuzait men have somewhat of a stereotypical Russian accent for some reason (maybe Central Asian men sound like that)? And the Aserai men sound kinda like the Khajiit from the Elder Scrolls game, though I strangely dig it.

Party screen filtering & all the OOB changes are all excellent, I love them.

From what I've noticed, some banner bonuses have been buffed, such as the T3 charge damage banner giving +30%, T3 Ranged & Melee damage reduction banners being -15% damage taken, while some were kept the same from what I remember like the T3 ranged damage banner still giving 8% bonus damage etc.

Overall, this patch is incredible, definitely makes the game much much better overall! One thing though, I couldn't see "the refuge" anywhere on the map, though this was on a new save file so maybe there's a year requirement?

Edit: Okay nevermind, I found it. It's not immediately visible and can only be found when nearby like a hideout. It's on the mountain between Lageta and Rhotae.
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Have to give credit where credit is due, all good notes with this patch - particularly the perk revamps which was much needed.
I see this closer to being what the state of the full-release should've been, albeit a few months later.
  • Implemented a Fog of War feature for heroes:
    • Players now need to meet heroes to unlock some of their critical information.
    • Skills, traits, family, and owned settlements information are hidden until you meet that hero.
    • This change affects tooltips, portraits and information shown in the encyclopedia.
Can't wait to check it out! I never thought Fog of War would ever be implemented. Now it won't feel like I'm browsing Calradia Facebook.
This patch added so many good features...thank you very much TW!
Just logged in back again to say: good job, this update looks promising. I hope you take a look at conversations and npc interactions after this. Maybe feasts and events are a possibility after all.
the modding kit is outdated 1.0.3beta @ steam launching it throws a multitude of errors if base game is updated to beta 1.1.0
Looking forward to trying this this weekend. Alley stuff seems cool, I love doing bandit troop playthroughs.
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