Beta Patch Notes v1.0.3

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why do you even need a beta for this ****, you could've ghost patched it into the main patch and i bet not a single ****er would've even noticed
Agreed. This is even worse than a 'sheep' patch. What's next, Taleworlds?

Beta 1.04: we have added +1 additional arrow to Imperial bowmen and removed -1 arrow from Battanian bowmen, we are really excited about what you, guys, think! Next update will be +0,01% to a horse speed, so stay tuned and don't forget to delete your mods, 'cause they'll be broken again, cheers!
Can we talk about the version number? I mean this game is far from 1.x away, more like 0.8.x. And this patch isn´t even worth a x.x.x it´s more like a x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x, as always.

And now, after TW has collected the console money, I don´t even expect anything....and TW can still dissapoint :smile:
Hopefully the next update will deal with animation/sound/music issues related to mod tools support. Because the backbone of many more projects are sound and animations.
Reticles & Engineering rework next I hope. Good changes though was super frustrating having siege engines automatically useless once the besiegers rushed to your gates
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