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Why the patches are always 20-30gbs? Even tho the download takes 15+ minutes, its the installing time that really kills me, cuz my pc takes more than half an hour to do it and I dont know why

Quoting Dejan
We use a texture streaming technology/system that allows for better performance within the game. This packages resources in a specific way which causes even minor adjustments to lead to changes to larger packages. This package in its entirety is then redownloaded by Steam. That's why a patch can end up being larger despite having minor art-related changes.

If you would prefer to download patches/hotfixes less often, you can stick with an older version for a longer period of time.
Link here
Hope they can now focus on making end-game and creating your own kingdom slightly less of a nightmare.
Nothing in the notes about it so looks like no, apparently it is a backlogged issue...

@Duh_TaleWorlds avoided all my begging for it to be fixed so far :iamamoron:
Reinforcing the fact children are born with only cognatic (mother) culture...:xf-tongue:
Unfortunately but not surprisingly they're looking ugly...
Btw, can someone share screenshots of new scenes/new armors/new cutscenes?
The only ugly one is dragon banner believe me. Other banners are very great.
Looks awesome! This list has many changes that I've been looking forward to. Can't wait to check this patch out.

Also +1 to the clone children issue (and them always getting mothers' culture). It seems small, but it's actually quite important for immersion.
Armour Effectiveness Improvements:
  • Reduced the armor coefficient from 100 to 50. In translation, 1 armour now provides 2 health points against blunt attacks.
  • Reduced blunt damage's pure damage coefficient from 1 to 0.4.
  • Increased additional armour effectiveness against blunt damage from 0 to 0.25.
  • These changes increase the effectiveness of mid to late game armour against blunt damages to make it feel like a more meaningful investment.
would it be possible to have more details ? does it apply only to blunt damages or does it also applies to cut and pierce ?
If it applies only to blunt then it's pretty pointless outside of tournaments and arenas
I don't know how to feel about the Armour Effectiveness Improvements. They seem like just a nerf to maces for me.
I don't know if every weapon have a hidden Blunt damage modifier if that is true then we are on to something.

But still kinda disappointed because the Number one thing that Everyone want to see nerfed is not even mentioned. ~Archers~

But the rest of the patch Oh boy i love it!
There is a crash in Captain mode on MP that I've got 3 times in a row now.
When using archers on Captain and hitting F2 to change face direction, the game crashes.
It's like bang on when I hit F2 each time
Another useless patch for multiplayer. Well done TW!
Problem of multiplayer is mostly crashes and horrible performance drops of 1.7.2. You can't even start advertising multiplayer until those are done. Sure, i'd love to see more multiplayer support, but let's see if they even get basics. And the most important part is custom servers.
Introduced new scene notifications to give more weight to events.
Armour Effectiveness Improvements
Implemented an improved system for spawning reinforcements in battles
Those make the game playable.
You can now reset your character's and companion's perk assignments through the arena master for a suitable price. The generic tavern NPCs can also point this out as a tip.
This patch almost covers all my complaints. Well done.
Unfortunately but not surprisingly they're looking ugly...
Btw, can someone share screenshots of new scenes/new armors/new cutscenes?

Disagree think they look pretty swank - except that dragon one looks more like a Shark King - is this some secret sea baring faction ? I want Shark Kings Nao!!!

Seriously though thats a pretty impressive changelog -enough to actually install the game..? Dont think so, ill wait to hear others feedback. The real event will be when I hear scenes are actually fun to enter, and the mid/late game is a blast to play. Also please spruce up and add more amount and variety of early game enemy types -running around the world for days on end to find 2-6 looters is pretty beat.
Is this the last 1.x.0 patch before release? I'd guess not since some big featues like banners are missing (the ones in the game files look good at least), but since that is the case the Q2 2022 realse date from Future Plans post is gonna be missed. Are we gonna get another update on development soon or is the realse date "when it's ready"?
Good patch btw.
Excellent long list of changes and fixes. Very curious how the armor change and the campaign behaviour of armies change are going to influence the game.
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