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Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

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There are still serious problems in the multiplayer part of the game.
Servers have serious latency problems.
Combat fluency is lost. at game low ping has become a serious advantage
Even in early access times the game offered a much nicer experience.
Developers do not show the necessary dedication to the multiplayer part.
Play 60 vs 60 five or ten matches on european servers one day If you want to see a problem, you have to look.


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Also can we just make infinite clans now? I assume once a companion becomes a noble it frees up another companion spot so you can just keep recruiting companions and turning them into clans.
There's no hard limit, yes. But you need money, influence and a settlement to give to a companion. The last condition is quite significant and should not make it particularly easy to create an unlimited amount of clans. You could in theory make them a noble, expel them and conquer their settlement and then repeat the process but it's quite tedious - and would provide little benefit for the player.
Great point, that is a good constraint. Also you probably run into the issue @Ananda_The_Destroyer brought up where once you have 3 vassal clans you basically stop appearing in the vote for new fiefs. So my guess is after 3 companion clans it gets much harder to make more.
It will take a specific and deliberate method to retain the ability to keep gaining a fief after you get started, for instance if you only have 1 town you should be able to put yourself on the ballet as long as there's no fief-less clans, but we'll have to see. Also can you use you last fief to make new clan? If so that should keep you on the ballot. This could be good if it works as it's a counter the current kingdom system: Instead of making a big pseudo-kingdom first, you can make a tiny kingdom and produce clans as long as you don't personally posses too much land. This is more what I think players want to do. Most people seem put off by the notion of obtaining a large amount of fiefs/power before making a kingdom, which is needed to recruit existing clans. Of course both ways depend on the player man handling factions alone in the beginning, so there's still a good barrier/challenge.

Also, as for pumpin out clan just because, you can already do that via rebels and it's something I haven't wanted to do or seen anyone else try to do. I guess both could be used just to re-populate the map if you've gone axe crazy, however since rebels don't spawn ladies, maybe making female companion clans and ousting them is a solution? I don't really want to do all that after and axe run, but it might be possible.
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  • It is now possible for players to promote companions into nobles with their own clan.
  • Factions will no longer create armies if they are not at war.
  • A system that approximates local superiority has now been implemented.
    • This helps AI agents to distinguish a nearby lone enemy that they can kill from a group of enemies. They can then choose to fight or move towards their assigned tactical position in hopes of better odds.
    • A minor random element was also introduced that slightly influences decision scores.


  • 'Legionary Reinforced Studded Harness' now provides 6 arm and 7 body armour (previously 8 arm and 6 body armour).
  • 'Legionary Studded Harness' now provides 4 arm and 7 body armour (previously 4 arm and 6 body armour).
  • 'Leopard Pelt' now provides 4 Body armour (previously 7 body armour).
  • 'Legionary Padded Straps' now provide 9 body armour (previously 11 body armour).
wow... such balance... much change...


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Please don't. We've been asking them to document changes like this in the patch notes for some time.
There's always somebody who has to complain for no reason.

In other news... is it worth starting a new playthrough for this patch? I didn't for the last one so I'm thinking it might be about time?

Also... is Battanian horse armour still weirdly OP?
Looking back at the beta they had before launch and the EBT mod. We could access all kinds of maps. Better ones than we got in the release. Especially in the siege maps.
I wish the castles weren't so bland and generic. Every siege is copy and pasted with a culture reskin.
I was checking forum, but thought "No way there will be next patch week after last one". But there it is, and for the time that passed it's solid, adds new feature, corrects calculations and performance (which I am super happy with, I have seen and worked on a lot of programs that didn't do much but were resource consuming as if they would be running MFS).
For me it's nice.


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I looked for a bug report, can you link it for me pls
Here you go : https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/1-63-paid-in-promise-giving-hands.446904/
Yeah lets see it, I thought this was an intentional balance change to reduce the power of those perks.
Here's one with save that @MArdA TaleWorlds says they have fix for, however I don't think the OP actually articulated or knew the problem, that it's simply tier zero items giving no exp.
I thought the same thing till i saw that thread


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The 0xp for trash items bug is still on (it has been reported as such and confirmed to be a bug).
Can we please get a hotfix for it? 😘
I looked for a bug report, can you link it for me pls
Yeah lets see it, I thought this was an intentional balance change to reduce the power of those perks.
Tier 0 items will provide 35 XP upon donation with that change. It's coming with 165, not sure if it will land in any hotfixes though.


@Dejan, a small suggestion for the team to have a look at: we already have a war log, righ? I think, it would be great if you add lord death reports for the war log as well. So, we could see, how many lords have been killed in battles and decide if it is worth it to continue the war or not :smile:

And it will help to track down how often do lords die in a single war in general - might be useful for tweaking the death chance % :smile:


I guess this is still not the update that will make me want to play again. I will wait some more.
It’s like the US senate. Passed a bill? Oh, it’s completely irrelevant nonsense that affects nothing. I’ll check back in for the next one.
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