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Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

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Knight at Arms
I would be absolutely content with delaying the terrain system indefinitely if that meant we would get full dialogues, or civil wars, or any diplomacy options except war....


Just installed 1.6.3, and there is still no music or instruments in the tavern....

Very disappointing


smh. dang. TW works fast and hard for a certain mediocre group.

Expect to see these features in the near future:

1. Crouch attack
2. Fire by rank
3. Siege weapons on the battlefield
4. Custom/Modded Multiplayer Server


Wooooot thx Taleworlds!
-Installing now and ill give feedback and bug/crash reports
-People complaining they want the patch this week but it's not stable should be pepeclapped for crying about crashes.
go back to 1.6.2 if it's not working for you.


The base value is indeed 2% but this is then modified with hero level, medicine level and specific perks
Hmm, as far as I know, the perks, as they are presented now in the game, only have pros and no contras.

By medicine, I suggest, you mean the "Medicine" skill level, right? Not sure how does hero level affects the death probability (does it make the death chance higher or lower?), but considering that the perks are only give something good without any negative size, can we, in theory, get an immortal AI lord which will only die from old age just because he had high medicine skill + some perks? What makes the death probability higher?


they just expanded it to AI x AI fights aswell
look one thing if i fight on a scene and take a risk. yes in this case I put my companions in harm's way. Their life and death depend on how I manage my troops. I have control over the situation.I have specific weapons, armor, and shields to minimize the chance of them being killed.
In simulated battles now I have no control. My companions may die just because of a bad number.


Sergeant at Arms
seconding this, would be a lovely addition to the game and make the dynastic system more important
Yes, death is important feature for the dynasty system and the world changes and add fear on the player of losing his "perfect soldier"


We aimed for 5 - 10 hero deaths per year in total (simulation + mission). The base value is indeed 2% but this is then modified with hero level, medicine level and specific perks.

There's a chance that they will die in all battles, not just the ones where the player is involved.

We're working on various localizations in the background but they're not available to players at the moment.

Nothing changed in regards to player death with this update. The player can't die in battles.
Yep it seems to me that severals ago, I could learn the death of a heroe in a battle I was totally not involved in, but no longer. Still, there are sometimes a lot of deads ! And since I start to know a bit all of the heroes, I'm a bit sad each time lol, except for a small bunch lol

this already happens if you enable the death settings starting a new campaign, they just expanded it to AI x AI fights aswell (previously death only occurred in battles the player was active in) and rebalanced the death rate from 10% to around 2%.

You can just disable this setting starting a new campaign to not have deaths in battle, personally i love this feature :smile:
Provided the number of deaths I noticed in the battles I'm involved in, if - like it seems to be - heroes can die in any battle happening in the word, I guess 2% is enough to remove a lot of people - + death in childbirth for females !
Just please fix that defective AI and high tendance from it to turtle even when overwhelming us... that's a pain

that's not a good thing. so what that means is, my companions have a chance to die due to rng. which means my time and efforts would be wasted because of bad roll.
That's part of the game if you choose to allow death. Avoid battles where you're outnumberered, those ones are often nasty...
I remember one companion getting a couched lance next to me..
I understand for the efforts to make a companion grow... sometimes I think "if he could be ok before he dies from natural death !" :smile:


That's part of the game if you choose to allow death. Avoid battles where you're outnumberered, those ones are often nasty...
I remember one companion getting a couched lance next to me..
I understand for the efforts to make a companion grow... sometimes I think "if he could be ok before he dies from natural death !" :smile:
He is not talking about player battles. A companion running his own party is going to simulate the battle, hence the rng!

@Dejan clan member chance set to 0% stops them from dying in their own simulated battles? I presume yes


Have been playing the 1.6.3 for a few hours and I think heroes death (in AI x Ai battles) had disappeared in 1.6.2. (hadn't seen the messages in purple for a moment).
At the moment, with 1.6.3 , in about one hour I've seen at least 3 heroes dying in battles I'm not involved at all. Almost scaring ! :smile:
Must not be easy to balance the "dying rate"...


We aimed for 5 - 10 hero deaths per year in total (simulation + mission). The base value is indeed 2% but this is then modified with hero level, medicine level and specific perks.
I think that 2% is still way too high.

If you imagine between 5 and 10 deaths per year, let's say 7 on average.

So that's 70 dead lords in 10 years and 126 dead lords in 18 years, by the time the children grow up and replace the dead ones.

I'm not even sure if there are that many in all factions, it's going to be very quiet on the map...

Moreover, no player will get attached to the characters since they will all die one after the other very quickly, each companion/lord will be just a vulgar "bots" without any flavor, a name vaguely heard once during a battle and replaced by another bots which will itself die very quickly.

Yes, the dynastic aspect and death is a really nice feature, bringing another dimension to the games. But it must be customizable by the player (with much more precision than now) and must be RARE to be memorable and have a real emotional impact.

Why not implement some kind of injury system as suggested in another post? Falling in battle would require some sort of recovery/rest to heal without which future battles would increase the risk of dying.
Fallen and defeated lords would have to rest in a fiefdom or could take up arms again, but with great additional risk.

This would make combat victories impactful, with real consequences, rather than having defeated lords reappear on the map 3 minutes later with a small, fresh troop after fighting to defeat them.

That's my opinion anyway, sorry for my English.



Beta e1.6.3​


  • Fixed a crash that occurred after creating a random clan with a console command.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during tournaments.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a conspiracy caravan party entered a settlement.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a disbanding party entered a settlement.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when determining deserted troops for oversized parties.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player killed an agent in civilian missions.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the Revenue Farming quest was canceled when the quest-related menu was open.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to party influence cost calculations.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while handling pending kingdom decisions.

  • Campaign memory optimizations.
  • Campaign behavior event optimization.
  • Optimizations to the field getter functions in CharacterObject class.
  • Memory usage improvements in custom battle.
  • Minor UI-related improvements in memory usage.

Save & Load
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game version to be different between clicking "Continue Campaign" and loading the save manually.

  • Russian and Polish language localization improvements.
  • Other general localization improvements.
  • Chinese language updates.
  • Turkish language updates.
  • Minor text updates and typo fixes.
  • Fixed localization issues of Village Needs Draught Animals quest journal logs.

  • Added an ornate battle crown for Aserai lords.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the campaign character's head to have a white contour.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some NPC faces to be black when viewed from distance.
  • Minor fixes to some Khuzait, Empire & Sturgia castle scenes.
  • Minor fixes to some Vlandia, Khuzait & Sturgia town scenes.
  • Siege tower and siege ladder placement fixes to an Empire town scene.
  • Sound improvements to some Empire castle scenes.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the melee trainer walking animation to become weird in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some parties to not play fighting animations during an event on the campaign map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all agents to play the same animation during a conversation.

  • Improved the receive/pay tribute visuals in the kingdom diplomacy tab.
  • Moved the initial banner selection and clan naming to the character creation in SandBox mode.
  • Added new tavern game menu images for all main cultures.
  • The least expensive horses are now used first while upgrading troops.
  • Mobile party tracker states are now saved between sessions.
  • Added kill notification interface to town mission for gang and quest-related tasks.
  • Added panel opening animations to the rest of the fullscreen screens.
  • General improvements to banner visuals.
  • Fixed a bug that caused only two upgrade targets to be shown in the upgrade popup even when it should have been more.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some texts to overlap on tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug that caused holding left or right arrow keys to not move the cursor automatically.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tracked settlement nameplates to flicker in some instances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect army size value to be displayed in a custom battle.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in equipment used by hero portraits in the settlement overlay.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the swapping action in the inventory, unequipping the replaced weapon.
  • Fixed the village hearth and town prosperity tooltips formatting issue.
  • Fixed a bug that caused settlement quest icons to be displayed wrong.

Battles and Sieges
  • Introduced death of the NPCs in simulation battles.
  • Decreased the chance of death caused by battle wounds in missions for all heroes except the player (the chance is the same in both missions and simulations).
  • The player is from now on able to attack disbanding parties.
  • Fixed AI aiming for ranged siege weapons.
  • In cases where “show mercy” is the only siege aftermath option, relation penalties will no longer apply.
  • When the player aborted raising the siege ladder at the last possible moment and the siege ladder went beyond the exact vertical position and went closer to the walls, it fell to the ground again even though it should have landed against the walls. This has been fixed.

Character Development System
  • Decreased the chance of dying of old age for all heroes except the player.
  • Improved the way attribute and focus points are distributed for the AI.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in character creation adolescence phase with the smith family.

Clan and Party
  • Fixed a bug that caused clan roles to be deleted after the assignment.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dialogue to be stuck when proposing a marriage alliance for yourself.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clans to propose to annex wrong settlements.

Economy and Trade
  • Fixed a bug that caused item tiers to be wrongly calculated. This bug also prevented workshops from producing lowest tier and highest tier items.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
  • Increased the relation gain from emissaries to 5 from 3.
  • Decreased the emissaries' relation gain chance.
  • From now on, an emissary will be able to gain relation only once per day with either a noble or a notable.
  • Since forcing a village to give supplies and forcing notables to give recruits options are intentional events, nearby parties will no longer join their map events.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused prisoners in a castle to be displayed on the lord's hall overlay instead of the dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused trade rumors in taverns to be incomplete.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some prisoners to be transferred to garrison and militia which caused them to disappear from the settlement prisoner donate/manage screens.

Quests & Issues
  • Added a new quest named "Betting Fraud". Quest summary: A gang leader offers you a deal to fix 5 tournaments and share the profit from the bet winnings.
  • Our clan members will no longer be able to give the following quests. If a quest giver becomes our clan member during an active quest, the quest will be canceled.
    • Lady's Knight Out
    • Company of Trouble
    • Lord Needs A Tutor
    • Prodigal Son
  • The player can no longer take the following quests if their clan owns the settlement. If the player becomes the owner of the settlement during the quest, the quest will be canceled with a suitable log.
    • Rival Gang Moving In
    • Gang Leader Needs Weapons
  • Fixed a bug that caused some text to be missing during the Prodigal Son quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Lord Needs Tutor quest log to be shown as a notification instead of a log.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the relation bonus from being given at the end of the "Village Needs Grain" quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the banner icons above the troops to disappear after switching teams during the Rival Gang Moving In quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Destroy Conspiracy Raiders quest to fail when attacking a party that wasn't related to the quest.

Conversations & Encounters
  • Replaced old pose codes with new ones in conversations and did some minor dialogue fixes.

  • Updated the weight value of Furred Noble Lancer Helmet with Neckguard to 3.6 kg.
  • Pila is now named Pilum (since Pilum is a single-piece item).
  • Fixed a bug that caused all heroes to disappear in the encyclopedia.


  • Increased the speed at which the corpses are being cleared on duel mode.

Design & Balance
  • Fixed a bug that caused a team to win the match in which they were ahead in score even though they had all left the server before that.
  • Changed the gold costs of some troops for team deathmatch and siege modes.

Game Modes
  • Reworked the scoring system on all game modes (except duel).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented player troops from charging after the player disconnected on captain mode.

Other - Miscellaneous
  • Added cheering and shouting features that will allow players to quickly communicate with other players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mangonel projectiles to remain mid-air in some cases after warm-up.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred on language change while in the lobby.
  • Fixed a text alignment issue in the MP killfeed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI kills to not have a banner on MP killfeed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some flags to be added more than once to the marker overlay (ALT).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Draw" match results to not work in TDM matches.
  • Fixed a bug that caused control points and score UI to show up even when they weren’t relevant.


  • Fixed a bug that caused snow and rain to enter enclosed spaces.
  • Young adults will no longer have grey hair.

  • Fixed sound starvation on the highest Sound Channel setting.
  • Fixed many going-silent issues on ambient and movement sounds.
  • Fixed some ambient buss leaking into reverb zones.

  • Added a "Legacy" option for order layout type.
  • Minor improvements to the camera placement in facegen.
  • Added support for simplified and traditional Chinese separation in video subtitles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused option descriptions to disappear after changing the language in the options screen.
  • Localization fixes.

  • Added a camera positioning cue for when the player switches to couched lance mode on horseback.
  • Mounted movement now supports controllers better.
  • Double-tap acceleration and slowing down for mounted movement's agility is now related to the weight of the mount.
  • Fixed cases in which shields were not working against melee attacks when the left-hand collision capsule was partially outside of the shield’s physics body.
  • Ballista will now fire in the exact same direction if the player doesn't move the cursor during the reload process.


  • For further explanation and additional information on the modding changes check the following thread: e1.6.3 Modding Adjustments
  • Heightmap selection dialogue now remembers the last used folder.
  • Added a warning to catch duplicate removals of entities.
  • Animations now support switching the item on the right hand to the left, and back. The appropriate flag for this is "switch_item_between_hands" which can be set in the editor. The addition of "hand_switch_data" to the animation is then also required to be set in the editor.
  • Damage Particles are now moddable. A new GameModel named DamageParticleModel has been added. By creating and using a new model class inherited from DamageParticleModel and overriding needed functions modders can choose damage particles very precisely according to collision properties.
  • banner_icons.xml is now moddable. Modders can include their own banner_icons.xml in their modules under "{MODULE_NAME}/ModuleData/banner_icons.xml". Sigils, backgrounds and colours defined in these XMLs will extend the native banner icons.
  • Added editor visuals that show ranged siege weapon trajectories.
  • Languages are now moddable. Modders can now change options for all languages by providing their own options file. (see Native/ModuleData/Languages/[ID]/[id]_options.xml).
  • Moved occupation field to the Hero class from CharacterObject class, making occupations moddable.
  • Made character creation modder friendly.
    • CharacterCreationStages are now moddable. Modders can decide explicitly which stage types should be included and in what order in CharacterCreationContentBase. They can use their own stage types.
    • Fixed a few bugs that could crash the game when new cultures are used in character creation.
    • Exposed CharacterCreation.CharacterCreationMenus to modders.
    • Most functions', fields' enums' protection levels in StoryModeCharacterCreationContent and SandboxCharacterCreationContent have been changed to protected from private.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while sieging settlements with custom cultures.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the submodule.xml had a comment in it.

Known Issues
I report two bugs
1. In the player's army, if the soldiers in the front row hold a shield, the spear or spear used by the soldiers in the back row will pass directly through the shield in front.
2. The experience of "Hall war" is too poor. I mean, when players capture the enemy's wall, players can lead their troops to attack the enemy's hall, but what we see is a large number of people crowded in the hall, which is not tactical at all. I suggest that this function be redone. My suggestion is:
Add the fortification construction function to the "city defense war". Players can transform the castle or city they occupy, such as changing the stacking angle of city walls, building arrow towers, traps, stacking sandbags on the street, etc. When the enemy breaks through the player's wall, the player deploys his troops to the fortifications in the street and continues to fight with the enemy. When the enemy breaks through the street, the enemy will surround the player's hall. The player can choose to break out of the hall, or ask to duel with the commander of the enemy force (the enemy commander can agree or refuse). If the enemy commander refuses, the player can only lead the guards of the Hall (the guards of the hall can be selected by the player) Break out of the castle. Similarly, players should go through these three steps to attack the enemy's Castle:
City wall battle - Street Battle - surround the hall
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