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They brace automatically.

It works well and looks very good so good job Taleworlds! It even seems balanced (at least against cav). The best of the best would be the possibility of making phalanx like foramtions with pikes (and polearms in general) preventing the ennemy from getting near, but this is already a massive step.

I do have one problem with its implementation in the campaign though... except for some Vlandian Pikemen, I don't really see which troops would use this feature? I'm going to test this but it seems the roster able to brace is rather... tiny.

An Imperial/Aserai minor faction specialized in pikes could be nice.


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Here you go @Piconi and @El Capitan.

Those armors look... kinda bad IMO...


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How does an AI use it, by the way? I mean, do they brace the spears when you tell them to stand their ground or they do it automatically, according to some AI algorithm?
They do it automatically as long as they aren't moving much or engaged in melee already.


Anyone understand the "spears with handles with 230 base length and above" ?
Militia spearman veterans can brace and their weapon length is below 230...

(Little tip) I did a few tests and troops with throwing weapons will brace only if you order them to hold their fire (seems logical for me).


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With these battlefield sound changes, do infantry formations make more noise when marching? They've always sounded very light-footed.


I am unable to assign party roles to my clan members (Think Quartermaster/Surgeon). Has anybody had the same problem with this beta? Or how can I fix it?
Did today's hotfix fix the Clan member's role assignment? I can live with the workaround of talking to them on the world map still if it isn't.


I'm clan tier 0 and a lord with a quest tells me that he can't bother me with such an unimportant issue. Also calls me "my lord"

Beside a few minor bugs, does anyone else feel like Battanian troops are terrible? The vlandian crossbowmen decimate them, even the caravan ones or villager crossbowmen. Also since oathsworns have lost their big shield, I feel so unmotivated to work to promote battanian infantry... wildlings again lose terribly vs crossbowmen, so I don't get what's the point of the battanian roster at this point. Literal garbage tier. I feel like they need a rework of their normal troops, skirmishers and "infantry" are all way too similar anyway, especially now that the oathsworns have the same shield as the wildlings...

Besides reworking battanian troops, I have a suggestion that could help infantry in general fare better against ranged. From what I've noticed, crossbowmen decimate the infantry because infantry likes to chase after routed units. Change this so that they don't chase after routing units unless the battle is truly over and they'll become a bit more effective (at least reduce their range of prioritizing routed units, so when routed units get X meters away from them they will stop chasing... infantry has no chance of catching routing units anyway).
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