Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

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sorry for tagging ya that earl, but people are worried here :grin: Could you please let us know if the devs are planning to finally release an update this week ?
We're hoping to release it this week but it might also be pushed to the next one.


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This is a great idea that should be relatively easy for TW to implement. Would improve roleplaying for sure IMO
This would be a huge win for immersion if the player can pick their home settlement in character creation. I would love to be able to start at Praven or Rovalt. Helps with back story creation and would be perfect for the Vlandian naming convention dey Praven, dey Rovalt etc.

Sandbox is pretty stale and this one little boon would be a massive shackle removed to opening up character creation. There is nothing more I want than the Bannerlord character build community to rival that of Skyrim, but there are a few bottlenecks that need removed to unleash the biggest free marketing campaign - the community. Taleworlds could unleash the character build community by taking off the totally unnecessary shackles from character creation.

Taleworlds if you do these 2 things I will kick off the character build community with a 10 character build series.

-Each choice in character build only pre-selects 1 focus point and the other goes to a pool for the player put it where they want. For example if you pick the blacksmith's son you would just get a focus point in blacksmithing and you would be able to use the other wherever you want.

-Allow the player to pick there home province, for example if you pick Vlandians as your culture you would be able to pick one of the Vlandian towns to start next to.

Remove the unnecessary bottlenecks to unleash the build community. The ball is in you court TaleWorlds, are you going to fumble something so simple that would be a huge win?
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Does anyone else think the 'imperial plumed helmet'/"empire_battle_crown_west" that was recently added is sort of tilted too far forward on the head? Like too much of the back of the neck is visible and it almost covers the eyes. All the new helmets are gorgeous though.
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