Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

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Kingdoms and Diplomacy
  • Peace and War declarations will now show the reasoning behind them in the kingdom decision screen.
  • Enemy factions can now send peace offers to the player’s faction. The player can see these offers on the right part of the screen via notifications. If the player is the leader of the faction they can accept or decline these offers. If the player is a vassal then the offer is considered through the voting feature.
Good job mexxico and @Blood Gryphon !


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Okay, i just saw this thread and I hope that they really don't follow through with the javelin infantry changes when 1.6.1 goes live, cuz I feel like that will make the game's balance worse than it already is. I'll likely go back to playing NeoGK's Warband server otherwise.

Reasons why I think the javelin infantry nerfs are bad:

Recruit: Peasant unit. This is probably an unpopular opinion at this point, but I feel like the 100 cost units should still be a good enough pick for late joiners rather than existing solely to punish players who die as a unit that costs 110 points or more. Peasant units being bad also discourage players from picking more expensive units since you generally wouldn't be able to make back the points you'd only be able to score 2 points per kill in most situations.

Brigand: Is pretty much carrying Sturgia. You might as well make his faction singleplayer at the rate things are going

Wildling: Okay, I can almost see the currently planned nerfs working for the Wildling, though I feel like he could do with a shield with greater coverage to make up for these changes, so as to allow him to be played like a medium infantry.

Skirmisher: Changes might not be too bad - Aserai might still be a B tier faction but I love how he'll still be able to dupe jereeds.

Though reading the patch notes again, it looks like that the reduction of melee proficiencies on all javelin throwers looks like it won't happen?


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Great update, I have been away for months waiting for a proper update to come back. One repeated question though (hope for a different answer obviously), when will the banners come?
Hey, at least I can show you how it'll look ?

Hell yeah! I know I was not the only one to suggest it, but the horizontal scroll implementation looks great. We are not worthy to bask in the presence of your UX Excellency lmao.

As an aside - lot's of good additions: More villages to plunder, Keep Battles, Prison Breaks aren't ****ty, beating up dirty plebs for cash, Siege pathing fixes, nice.
Unless I missed it, still no death in battles for AI vs AI simulation and is only enabled in player battles.

So the wait for 1.6.2 begins ?


Unless I missed it, still no death in battles for AI vs AI simulation and is only enabled in player battles.

So the wait for 1.6.2 begins ?
I wonder what's taking them so long with it. Doesn't seem like a complicated fix (some mod made it work over a half year ago IIRC) and the "testing issues related to death" that they mentioned previously (also over a half year ago) seems just like a bad excuse.
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