Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

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Server & Network
  • Added a new server region: Western North America. Renamed North America region to Eastern North America.

Heh, and still no south american servers. I mean, I'm from Europe, but you know, those poor guys.


This patch is phat. Almost 16 GB on Steam >:3

Map conversations now support voice lines.

Are there plans to have all conversations in the game to be voice-acted? Based on another comment, it seems like this is specifically for a single conversation with Istiana, but I'm curious about all conversations.


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Good thats how its suppossed to be, if you want multiplayer medieval go play mordhau, Bannerlord is a singleplayer game and they still owe us a few singleplayer features that they absolutely should focus on. Stop whining.

Another opinion is that MP is luckily more than satisfying at this stage.


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Why is the MP list always so pitiful, you people need to fix this ****, we wait months for even minor fixes and all we get is like 5 lines of a changelog wheras SP gets over 100
Look in the 1.5.6 Patchnotes they added all the Multiplayer lines you miss here in the patch without Beta-Test^^


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  • Added two new Sturgian light armours.
  • Added a new Battanian scale armour.

Could any gentle soul share a ss of the new 3 armor models? I would be very grateful.
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