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Lots of questions:
- People mentioned a new command radial. I see that the function key layout has changed but is there something else?

- Just got my first city and I can't seem to do anything about food shortages and loyalty. I don't mind the mechanic but there needs to be some things I can do to counter it.

- Where is the interface for managing companions remotely? I thought we could pull them out of armies and/or control their perks?
1.Command radial is for controllers and is an option in the menu now, so no worries you'll want to keep the key layout

2. Food shortages are going to be because the villages connect to the fief are raided, protect them so that you get the food bonuses to your fief. There should be a daily project that will increase loyalty, i would have that on until your fief is good. Also if you put in a governor of the same culture as the fief it should give you a bonus, it goes reverse as well; opposite culture gets you negative loyalty

3. Not sure if they've implemented pulling companions out of armies yet. Make sure your campaign option to have companions auto allocate skills is off, then when they level up you can apply skills/perks like your main character in the character screen, it is no longer blocked off because they arent in your party. nothing fancy.


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Damn, I get huge microstutters in big battles, though, my PC was able to handle it before 1.5.6. I also get microstutters on the world map which didn't occur before.


Level progression rebalancing please... I just want to enjoy the game again. Can't do roguery playthrough, it levels too slow. Don't even care for smithing anymore, it still feels like a very long grind. Athletics doesn't even level. At this point I can only pray for engineering perks to be implemented so I can do an intellect playthrough because at least stewardship is enjoyable to level, because you don't have to put all this effort into it


Hello, were there quest markers on top of the parties you destroyed? Quest doesn't count parties that are far away.

yes there were, I don't know why it doesn't work... Can you please tell me if leveling progression will be balanced anytime soon? I really just want an answer, I am really sad I still cannot level-up properly because of very slow experience gain...


Epic fail, Don't start a roguery build as it is NOT working, no exp from caravans or villages

yes, leveling is still so slow. It makes me hurt inside, that I still cannot play the way that I wish to play the game, the grind is unbearable at this point. I played this game for over 800 hours, maybe it was fine in the beginning and I didn't notice how much of a problem it was, but now I just want to enjoy the game...


Damn, I get huge microstutters in big battles, though, my PC was able to handle it before 1.5.6. I also get microstutters on the world map which didn't occur before.

I get stutters on the campaign map, and when I enter towns and click on actions there it's very slow


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Quick impressions, because I haven't been playing as much over the holidays:

1. I'm really not feeling the reduced death rates. It is too low and it leads right back into the old problem of massive battles feeling sorta pointless most of the time.

2. The AI party loot income nerf really hurts a player trying to maintain a garrison, which ties back into rebellions because now you can't just rely on mostly (or pure) militia to build up your player economy.

3. Caravans seem to be struggling harder, although I can't be sure if that was a specific 1.5.6 change or because I'm on a fresh playthrough and something changed prior.

4. Sometimes I get the old "these things aren't to be rushed" dialog when trying to arrange a marriage for my siblings. Is that intentional?

5. Thank you for restoring the Cuman mask to the Khan's Guards and old visored helmet to the cataphracts.

6. Inter-faction marriages seem to be really, really common, even among very recent enemies.

7. There needs to be more spread in the preset childrens' ages; there is an absolute flood of new nobles around 1104 but until that point it is a trickle.

8. My children are gaining traits seemingly at random. Also, some characters are getting skills (not many) between the ages of 14-20 and I'm not sure if this is meant to produce very low-level characters but it basically means the spouses at game start will never, ever be matched in terms of skills.

9. The new prisoner recruitment is quite nice, especially since I have over 250 Leadership.

10. I love that you went back and replaced Cotton with Raw Silk.

11. The Battanians are snowballing for the third time consecutively in my playthroughs. And not like normal things where they slowly ascend over Vlandia but just throwing the Vlandians, WE and Sturgia into the dumpster so hard it slams shut and starts rolling downhill.

12. The emissary thing is great.

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Anyone know what death rates are like in current beta? Seems like previously they were a bit much. Also i think it would be nice to have certain traits affect battlefield tactics and/or battle sims. Like valor gives increase chance to do more sim damage but more chance to die in battle or something. Would add another layer


I don't know what the effect would be... if you press advance instead of attack do units attack once they get close to the enemy?
Maybe @Terco_Viejo tested that
If they are melee units they do. If they are archers they advance untill they are in rance then they shoot and maintain that distance. But they also run back and forth. So it might not be ideal with archers, but for normal infrantry it works perfect.

Lusitani 5th Empire

But they also run back and forth. So it might not be ideal with archers, but for normal infrantry it works perfect.
And this is really annoying, when you press advance they should advance, but when you press attack archers should move to range and stay in the same position or even move back not forward if the enemy comes closer.


I think birth and aging (including death of old age must come together), while death in combat should be separated.
On this screenshot we can see that the stumper horse is at the end of the horse list, while the mule is at the top ( depending of the city's inventory the results are different each time) however this is what I get just after pressing the trading button, I did not press any sort buttons.
As you can see items are supposed to be sorted by type by default, and iirc in previous version items of the same type were also sorted by price.
Also warhorses are mixed with normal horses, sturgian hunter at the top, and imperial at the bottom with normal horses in the middle.

Taking this screenshot and alt-tabbing to post it made my game freeze and I had to restart it. (no crash report, had to terminate steam process)

Now if I press the misc button (mainly when I want to buy foods) This is what I get
As you can see, nothing is sorted by price by default while it used to do it automatically, and sorting it manually while give this result :
Here the trading items are mixed with the food items, while it used to separate both category and sort them by price, again by default.

Thanks for your time.

Edit, forgot to mention that the same is true for every items, equipment are not sorted by type/price, so finding the best equipment in the long list of loot from battle is a huge pain now.
I used to be able to see the highest value boot at the very bottom, then sorted by price until I reach the glove type, usually the highest value was the best armor, but now it's a big mess, and sorting by price will do the same thing as for food, it will mix up the types.
Just to say I am getting the same inventory issue as above.
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