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I'm not expecting that, it would be different to how their process has worked in the past. It would be high risk for them to drop the refactored code on millions of casual players without it passing through beta scale testing first.

I expect the current 1.4.2 which has been on beta for so long to move to main branch and mods updated for 1.4.2 will still work on it.
1.4.3 will come to beta, and it will be largely the same to play as 1.4.2, but it has been code refactored under the hood and that is likely to break mods.

Assuming it does play out that way, it means if you need mods to enjoy the game you can just play main branch (which will be the 1.4.2 we've all come to know and love... and get bored of) until mods are updated. You won't miss much in the way of new features or content since 1.4.3 is focused on refactor, not features or content.

I assumed that would be the wisest decision. To let 1.4.2 stay the same and 1.4.3 is the refractored version. This way people can revert back if the refractored one broke. That's why a few people suggested that the refractored version be called 2.0.0 as to make it simple for the majority of people to tell.
They've updated the local content server on steam..

They've updated the local content server on steam..

So what does this mean?
Where's the patches it's time to change the network password to **** my family out of using the crappy internet all day.
oh no I'll have to e-mail them about it......
Please release the patch ASAP. My wife will be out of home today and I would like to play the game all day taking advantage of this. Thanks.
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