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Can we have some info about character creation sliders? There's a bug in the game where if you press V to edit your characters appearence after starting a playthrough, the muscle/body sliders (and these are for some reason not available to us players by the way) are all taken down to the lowest and your character is suddenly malnourished. And any mods on the Nexus which allowed us to edit these things are abandoned.
I would very much like to be able to play without my character looking like a malnourished peasant :smile:

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Pila (holy crap my phone did not want me to type “pila” and tried very hard to auto correct it) can now be thrown in 1.4.1 single player! Huzzah!
A cheap and effective throwing weapon can now be purchased early game!
They are also awesome 1h polearm for those foot shield polearm throwers btw


1. how can i check detailed info about my income? Everything is now grouped and i can't tell what part of income from parties is from caravan and what from other parties. I can't tell which of my villages are making good profit.

Mouse over your denars in the lower-right corner of the campaign map UI. There's a tooltip which shows each fief's income, caravan income, companion party income, workshops, wages of the various parties/caravans. The same tooltip appears when mousing over the appropriate spot in your Clan screen.

This isn't newly-implemented. AFAIK it's been there since 31 March. I stumbled across it sometime around 1.0.7 or so. I do think it would be nice to have this more detailed breakdown as a page in the Clan screen somewhere rather than a mouseover tooltip.

Edit: please disregard. I posted this before firing up 1.4.1. Yeah, that mouseover tooltip has been "summarized" and doesn't provide the detail it did up through yesterday. TW...why the heck did you dumb down the financial breakdown tooltip??? Mystifying.
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Finally some content. I thought it was yet another bugfix patch because of the naming. I'll try it out tomorrow but it looks good on paper, good job.


We discussed this today and have some ideas to improve on that. The current patch does not yet address this.

When recruiting some lords to my kingdom the bar doesnt even go %50 when i gave him like 4M and my full inventory, is this an intended process or ? (relationship around 0-10)

Best update ever btw thanks for your efforts and great communication. I can't even be sad about losing my mods because you guys closing the gap of needed mods with this updates.


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Enabled charging agents to move together in formation. Both cavalry and infantry troops in formation now tend to stay in line while charging at the enemy. Cavalry formations will try to regroup before charging back, if the formation is intact.
I think I remember terco complaining about cav splitting up on charge a lot during the beta, guess he's happy now


Everybody expecting big performance improvement ( in our scale, in your scale meaning of the "big" is generally less than %5).


anyway,great job TW.


Major kudos Taleworlds, this is an outstanding patch! So much to appreciate, under the hood:
  • Gear updates: Seeing a lot of new gear on end-of-line troops (e.g. new improved chestpiece on Vlandian Banner Knight, likely equal to Elite Cataphract chestpiece; chainmail on Sturgian Ulfhednar and Sturgian Veteran Bowman, etc)

  • Shields on everyone's Tier 2 infantry: lowly Tier 2 footmen can now function in a shieldwall! Likely also makes upgrading an infantry core less of a chore.

  • Voting for Peace, with an indication of the tribute your faction would pay or be paid for peace: there's something about winning a few tide-turning battles and seeing the scoreline go from "paying 60000 tribute" to "receiving 84000 tribute" - glorious. (though I wouldn't mind if they upped these numbers to the scale the player kingdom was having to pay in 1.4 for peace. Looking forward to making Monchug cough up ruinous sums...)

  • Voting for War: self-explanatory!

  • Some sensible unit rebalances: Battanian Fian Champions get their 2-hander back, to go with their exceptional 220 2H skill, BUT receive a fresh nerf to bow skill, from 260 to 230. Small nerf to armour on the Khuzait Darkhan. Modest nerfs to armour on imperials: Legionaries and Menavliaton keep their exceptional armour, but Palatines, Bucellarii, Sergeant Crossbowmen all get taken down a notch.

  • Juicy options for 2H playthoughs: options like 10% better damage, 10% better handling, 40% better shield-breaking, 30% knockdown chance, 50% passive armor penetration, 30% improved morale-boost to friendlies / 20% morale-drain to foes from kills, exp share from kills to your formation, zerking (more 2H damage below 50% hp) and its opposite (more 2H damage above 90% hp).
Two minor gripes to flag up, the first MIGHT be related to continuing a 1.4 savegame but unsure:
  • Game currently crashes when I try to form a kingdom; specifically after entering the kingdom name, CTD.

  • Infantry formations in large battles are now pretty weird - everything feels more 'Loose'. The Shieldwall forms multiple spaced-out lines of infantry, the Line formation is gappy all-round. Don't think this is intentional.


The 35-day truce implemented a couple patches ago no longer seems to be working. Loaded up with 1.4.1, my faction made peace with Battania (which I got to vote for, pretty cool). Battania declared war on us soon after. I didn't count the number of days, but the previous war had ended during winter, and Battania declared war on Spring it couldn't have been more than 26 days (probably more like 20-ish).


Game just crashed on me while looking at the Aserai troop trees in the encyclopedia. Also, tons of units that are "Bow" archers have higher crossbow skills than bow skills. Example I found was the Battanian Armed Trader merc. He's got 60 crossbow skill and 0 bow skill.
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